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Old 10-13-2009, 11:18 PM   #15
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Youre never fully dressed without a bowtie!!!

Love it or hate it, my car can transform and kick your cars @$$!
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Silverado, best truck out there. At the boat ramps, a dodge ram could not get the boat out due to slime, just kept spinning. We took a tow rope and tied the Chevy to the dodge then pulled truck and boat out at the same time. The Dodge owner said his next truck would be nothing but a chevy.
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June '10
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I'm excited about the possible comeback of the Chevy Caprice. My first car was a dark green, 4-door, 1980 Chevy Caprice Classic, absolutely awesome car . When I sold it it had 298K miles on it. I stopped driving it at the beginning of December (I live in upstate NY so it gets cold!) and when the guy came to buy it it was the end of January so it sat in the dead of winter for almost 2 months, untouched. When the guy showed up to pick her up I got in, sat down, put the key in, and turned her over. That car with 298K miles on it that just sat for 2 months in the dead of winter turned over like she had been sitting there idling for an hour and a half and had just been shut off. I have a lot of fond memories of that car and always will, a true beast of a car. Can't wait to see her re-honored .

All these old car stories are making me really miss my old car :(.

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One of the best nights I ever had in my old Lumina Z34 (1st Gen FTW!)

One of my favorite days with my Blazer

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Originally Posted by BumbleDs View Post
Youre never fully dressed without a bowtie!!!
Absolutely the truth! Great stories, keep them coming....everybody has a memory to share!
Don't forget, I honor ALL DISCOUNTS THAT APPLY!
Available Inventory -James-Martin Chevrolet
BeckyD - I Deliver Nationwide!

..only 20 min from Detroit Metro Airport!
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Best story is being on the OPPOSITE side of the fence - being the one providing the car, and seeing the joy it brings!

Katie was the lucky buyer of our 2010 Camaro launch car, and she got the first ever Katzkin leather interior upgrade and no cost.... her excitement at delivery made everyone involved feel great!

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Orange GM freak
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My first car is a 69 Chevelle SS convertible 4spd. When my parents bought it they drove me and my brother to grade school in it. It was our family car for a few years. A more practical car came along and it was put behind the barn. I turn 16 and we drag it out to get it running.

It was the mid 80's and those cars weren't collectors' items then. I drove the wheels off of that car. I drag raced, cruised, slid it sideways a few times and generally abused that car. I learned to be a gearhead on that car. I put many clutches in that car and learned to stab the tranny with one hand and start the bolts with the other. I was stronger then.

I remember my friends and others making fun of me for driving that car. They would ask me, "Do your parents make you drive that car?" It was about 3 different colors of orange and 2 colors of primer. The rust holes in the rear quarters were the topper to the general bad appearance.

The funny thing is how time changes perspective and attitudes. I went to my high school reunion and the first thing most people asked me was if I still had that car. It's funny they remembered that car and how the fact that it is now worth a bucket load of money now changes their thoughts about it.

I had one guy try to buy my car from me at a car show. He got out his check book and told me to name my price. I told him it wasn't for sale and he said everything had a price. I told him he didn't understand about me and that car and it wasn't for sale at any price. He walked away disgusted and in disbelief. I guess he never met a real car guy before. LOL

BTW, I do still have that car 25 years later. I am in the process of doing a complete frame off restoration on it. She deserves it.

I have other good Chevy stories but that one is by far the one that means the most to me.
"My hair's turnin' White, my neck is still Red and my collar is still Blue"
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Dr Jkel
and MR. HYDE
Drives: 2010 2SS RJT/BLK 6Spd Man
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My first Chevy experience, Let me see , well I was 6 years old and going with my Uncle to his house. He had a 1963 SWB Stepside, bought it new. Had a 327 with 3 on the tree and dual glass pack exhaust. So on this winding country road, windows down we came upon a straight away and there we go 100 mph. From that day forward only Chevy for me, as for the truck well after that day the very next day it had an electrical fire under the hood. He had it repaired and today the truck is now mine, it is being restored/street rodded and should be complete soon. Love this truck and my Uncle.
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My first Chevy was a Vega. Explains alot.
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I'm going to skew the age demographics here, but here goes:

61 Corvair Rampside Pickup (Check the gas - fill the oil)
62 Chevy II 300 sedan (Black/White top/Red interior) I don't make this up!
65 Chevy C10 Pickup 6cyl - stick. Green. Rubber floor mats. Enough said.
69 El Camino Red/Argent silver rockers/Black Vinyl Top. Awesome! (Thanks Dad!)
Then a mix of GM/Ford stuff for the next 30+ years
10 Camaro SS FINALLY
#143575 Delivered 9/14/09
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how bout worst cause i got a great one.
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It the toybox 4 winter
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had alot of chevys, and even more stories, ill give them to you in chronological order:
high school 1st car 1976 camaro type lt 350 4 spd
traded it to one of my friends (avro206) for his
1986 camaro sport coupe
then traded that for 1986 chev silverado 4x4 (lifed 2" 33"tires 355ci th400)
missed having cool summer car so bought
1967 camaro rs converted it from 3272bbl glide to 383 th350 373eaton locker
sold the 86 silverado and bought
1990 silverado short box z71 350 tbi lifted 2" flowmaster
sold that to my dad and bought brand new
1996 silverado short box z71 (then lifted 2 " 285's pulleys, dual flowmasters,winch etc,
someone liked it alot and stole it, never seen it again, replaced it with new
1998 silverado short box z71 (did same mods with ins money)
i got married and bought my wife a sweet 1983 silverado shortbox 4x4, she got pregnant and the carseat would not fit in either of our regular cab trucks so i got her a 1994 yukon 2 door, 17's, flowmaster again, haha should be getting loyalty on exhausts too
bought a 2002 silverado 2500hd excab shorty,did the usual mods, sold it to my brother in law and bought
2004 silverado 2500 hd duramax, same mods lift... etc.285s, exhaust tuner
bought a 2005 tahoe for the wife, 20's exhaust ...sold the 67 rs to some guy that bothered me every weekend for months
sold the 04 dmax and bought
2008 silverado crew duramax, lift, banks 6 gun, hp tuners dpf delete...yadda
missed the 67 alot and bought a 1998 z28 convertible 6 spd, did the corvette brakes and zr1 wheels, same thing a guy bugged me until i sold it so me and the wife thought hell, get a new one and dont sell it so now we have a
2010 camaro 2ss abm white stripe ls3, mods to follow currently wrapped in a cover for the winter its snowed alot here already and this thing aint seeing any shit weather, I HATE THE WEATHER WHERE I LIVE
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It the toybox 4 winter
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Drives: LSA 68f100 pickup/2010 rs/2ss abm
Join Date: May 2009
Location: okotoks,alberta, canada
Posts: 268
holy crap, that was long, i also have a fleet discount no. my company has a 2009 gmc envoy denali
2009 gmc duramax slt ex cab 4x4
2004 gmc duramax reg cab sl 4x4
2002 gmc duramax ex cab 4x4
2004 gmc 1500 slt reg cab 4x4

also sorry for the huge picture, i do not know wtf im doing
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Old 10-14-2009, 08:41 PM   #28
Drives: 2010 SS L99 VR / 03 SVT Lightning
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Well being a young buck my first chevy was a 1994 silverado z71 that I bought used. It had a good paint job and ran great with the 70k miles it already had on it. Me being a young country boy I had the loudest pipes I could find on it and hit every mud hole I could find. It was sunk in water 2 times, rolled down a sand hill once, I was rearended by a school bus at a stopsign (the bus had more damage), and side swiped by a drunk driver. All it ever needed was a little bit of body work. I ragged the hell out of that truck and it never missed a step. I put another 50k miles on it and it still ran strong and would go anywhere you pointed it. I sold it to my little brother when I joined the Marine Corps and 2 months later it was totaled. I cried a little in private and to this day wish I had never gotten rid of that truck. I bought a nissan titan after that and quickly traded it for an 03 Ford lightning (which I love) but I still miss my old Z.
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