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Danny Thomas
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Drives: 67 RS, 81 Turbo TA, 2010 ABM 2SS/RS
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Location: Pigeon Forge
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First car was 73 chevy Impala - 2 door , gold with brown vinyl roof at the ripe old age of 16. this had been the family car. Kept for about 8 months before I sold it for $500 and bought a 69 camaro - 307 - 3 speed for $650. (Boy if I had known then what I know now). Installed Keystone wheels, stereo / 8 track, air shocks, headers and glass packs. Cruized thru high school until I sold it for $1500 and bought a 73 Z28 RS---350 with 4 spd Munci for $3000. Loved this car and turned many heads. But as time went by afew years later I got married and traded my car for a Chevy Chevette----Love make a man do stupid things. My mom even offered to but me a new Corvette if I would wait and not get married at 20. One thing though--it was still a Chevy. As married days moved forward, I moved forward with Chevy pickups in my corral except for the one weak moment when I bought a Ford. asked for forgiveness and bought another chevy. At the age of 44 I got the Corvette--05 C6 convertible--what an awesome car--nothing beats a Vet. Over the last 5 years I have gone back to my true love--The Camaro. I have bought and sold several 67 camaros. I bought a 67 convertible that was to be my -til I die car- but thanks to several events and the eventual fall of economy, I had to sell the project car to one of my good friends. The painful part is that I get to watch it evolve. I have been lucky enought to own a 67 Protouring camaro--LS1, T56, Air Ride, Vintage Air, Custom interior--a true magazine car( July Camaro Performers) --another head turner. When I first saw the 2010 concept car at the SEMA show a few years back, I knew I want to own one, perferable a convertible. But since they were not produced I was opting to buy this Spring a ABM 2SS RS, but as we know it was discontinued in Novemeber, so while at the 09 SEMA show I secured a ABM L99 car that a local dealer had on allocation and was due in the 2nd week od Dec. 09. For the last 4 days I have had the pleasure of driving my new 2010 camaro. Now I have found my new wife has taken backseat and the Camaro and has taken over. 2009 has been a crappy year -I am a housing contractor-but the Camaro has put a little light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Chevy all the way..unfortunately I think Obama and his Czars with destory the muscle car part of GM. 4 bangers and batteries for the future.
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Drives: 2010 2LT RS IBM Camaro
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Location: Iowa
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I have been a lifelong Camaro enthusist even before I could drive and I am waiting for my 10 IBM 2LT RS with gray cyber stripes to goto Production!! I believe my hair loss has reversed and I lost 10 lbs since ordering....

I always wanted a 68 Camaro, and when I first got my license and I ended up getting a 71 Camaro and what a wonderful car that ended up being for me. I always have kicked myself about letting that go.

But now I'm getting a car that is truly something that I have dreamed of getting. Yes I could try to get a 68 Camaro....but I get all the current safety, higher mpg and power that is definitely right up there with my first Camaro and with all the modern conveniences.

Bottom line...way to go GM you hit a homerun on this design!! On this 5th gen it has definitely pleased over 100,000 in one year and turned many more heads than one could count. I can't wait for my Camaro to be delivered and permagrin..
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Drives: Black 2017 ZL1
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Location: Prairieville La
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I had a '98 Chevy Z71 sport side pickup for my 1st truck. (My only vehicle until I received my Camaro) I also help around at the state fair. WELLLL one day a Ford dually WITH a horse trailer FILLED with horses got stuck in the mud. This isn't a 1 or 2 horse trailer, were talking like 4 horses + gear. And guess who was the only one around with a wench-equipped 4X4 to pull the poor Ford out of the mud? I didn't say anything to the owner and I was all serious, and friendly at the time. However, afterwards I laughed soo hard because of the obvious rivalry between the companies. (I wasn't laughing at him and it's not a hostile rivalry mind you, but still... I thought it was funny.)

(Ok, ok before you flame me let me clear it up, because I know physics wouldn't let this happen in a fair playing field. He did not have 4WD, or 6WD since it's a dually, and it was just his power-train wheels that got stuck. And I may have been on more solid, grass-covered ground with mud tires while he had street tires in the mud. However it still counts dangit!!)
CAUTION: side effects of driving a Camaro include grinimus permintallis otherwise known as "Permagrin" and random, uncontrollable outbursts of "I love this car!!"
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Location: Ct.
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My first new car back in '64 (Ya I'm that old) was a satin silver 1964 Chev Impala SS convertable. With only a couple hundred miles on it, the driveshaft let loose on the Meadowbrook Pkwy on the way to Jones Beach on L.I. with my date. The State trooper who showed up happended to be the father of a H.S. friend which helped a lot. Turns out the 4 rear u-joint drive shaft bolts had not been tightened at the factory.
I sometimes laugh at the trivial complaints some here have about this new Camaro- You don't know what poor quality control is unless you lived and drove in the 60's and 70's.
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Drives: Not a Camaro :(
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Location: Frederick, maryland
Posts: 337
First memory of Chevrolets was my neighbors '69 camaro. Man that thing was beautiful. It's what made me fall in love with the camaro in the first place. Was a nice aqua blue color with a black vinyl roof. I foolishly asked him several times if he would sell it to me. He was quite kind in not laughing at me directly but always politely declined.

Then, in my sophmore year of college, I was in a car accident and totaled my car (Olds Calais). I was ok but didn't have a car to drive. Well, as often happens, the negative was turned into a positive when I went out with my dad and bought my first vehicle (the Calais was my parents old car). I found the magic in a 1987 Chevy Blazer K5 Silverado. To this day, that is my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. I don't know that even the camaro, once I get it, will top that truck. It was awesome. I did everything inthat truck. The best had to have been when the first Lolapalooza came areound. A bunch of my friends and I headed down to West Va with the top off. Once we got near the grounds traffic backed up and was literally at a stand still for about an hour. Instead of boo hooing and complaining about missing the begining of the concert, we fired up the hibachi in the back and started grilling hot dogs and burgers. No it probably wasn't the best idea but, it was great fun. Finally got there and only missed one band.

Unfortunately, while in the Navy, the transmission started giong and finally, the drive shaft snapped. As a poor sailor, I didn't have the money to fix it and ended up selling it to the garage that was storing it for me. I'll always love and miss that truck. I'll eventually replace it but, I don't think it will have the magic that the first one did. Hopefully, my future camaro will ease the pain a bit for me.
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Inferno is the only color
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Drives: 96 ls6 camaro, iom 2ss/rss /
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: greer south carolina
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My first chevy was a 80 vette, Oh sorry I mean chevette, five speed with a isuzu diesel that got like a million miles to the gallon. I sold it to someone in the family with about 300,000 miles on it. Last I heard it was still rollin in the 90s.

Then came the 1982 champaine colored cavalier. I put that car thru hell in high school. I won a gamblers race at the local dirt track, several other races against 4cyl mustangs and one dodge aries.

My dad also had a brand new black 90 model 454ss truck which I won the highschool burnout record in. I wore out both rear tires,rotated the fronts to the rear, and wore out those all in a two week period. The tire man at the local tireshop remembered that from 15 years ago , he said "arent you that kid that wore out 4 tires on your dads truck in two weeks" and I proudly said, yes that was me.

Then low and behold the almighty 96 medium blue quazar metallic camaro came into my life. She was a 3.8 liter 6 banger. She got all the finest toys,rims,tint,system,wing,ram air hood,leather katskin seats.

But at 120,000 miles I felt something was missing. So I purchased a LS1 to go in her. At that time there were no painless wiring systems for that engine,so I got to work with a wiring diagram,and two long days later had the only 96 f body with a LS1 implant around. Then converted her to a LS6 with nitrous,and kept going from there.

Oh and sorry forgot to mention the countless passenger seat encounters, because we all know there are no real backseats in a camaro for any foolishness to take place.

Everyone tells me that I will never get the money back that I have put in that car, but we all know that has nothing to do with the huge amounts of money we spend.

Then about 2006 I saw this thing called a concept Camaro, whew, Holly crap! I said to everyone that I know, I will have that if it ever comes out. A few years,forums,calls,shows, and sleepless nights at the computer later I saw a preorder list was going to be started. I was at the dealership oct 13th to put down my 1000 crisp bills. I sold my brand new Yamaha R1 at the dealership to a guy and handed the money strait to the salesman, then empied my 401k, gave him that money also.

So after a short 6month wait, my new Inferno Orange baby arrived as the very first preorder camaro to my dealership. And it has been nothing but sh*ts and giggles ever since.

I've had good days,and bad days. Wins,and losses , wrecks and sex. And they have all been in a Chevrolet.

PS. I still have the 454, the LS6 96 model, the 2010, a 2005 silverado hd, a 04 buick rendezvous, and here is the kicker a ( 03 Kia sorrento) Sorry GM its my wifes car.
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 1SS/RS A6
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Overland Park KS.
Posts: 100
1st out of high school '69
'68 chevelle 396/375 and 18yrs old
'65 vette
'70 1/2 Z28 full bolt-ons ran 12.20s
'70 novaSS 396/375 TH400 full bolt-ons/L-88 cam/456 gears 12.20s
'64 vette SB chevy ran 10.60s *w/professional driver 10.30s
'75 vette POS
got married/kids ect.
'73 3/4 GMC truck
got un-married '83
'84 vette
then took a long break buying my sons cars,ect.
'07 TrailblazerSS
started hearing all the camaro rumors/signed the on-line petitions
Aug. '09 took delivery 2010 Camaro SS
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Drives: Not a Camaro :(
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Originally Posted by 96rss/ls6 View Post
My first chevy was a 80 vette, Oh sorry I mean chevette, five speed with a isuzu diesel that got like a million miles to the gallon. I sold it to someone in the family with about 300,000 miles on it. Last I heard it was still rollin in the 90s.
LOL I had a friend in high school who had a chevette. He cut the "Che" off the front of the logo. We all had fun driving his "vette" around.
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Emerald Coast Camaros
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2LT/RS M6
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My experinces

Hmmm well I'm 16 and haven't had to many stories with a chevy. Probably one my most memorable would be when i took delivery of my camaro on September 5 2009. Maybe another would be when i drove my dads 2007 vette and i never knew that the steering wheel wouldn't turn back for you since i never really drove a true sports car well that time i almost did a u-turn but got the hang of it. Another experience i have is going to the 35th mid America motor works fun fest back in September. I saw a lot of very nice corvettes and got to see the grand sport and ride in a ZR1. That ZR1 is a ride i will never forget it was intense . Another good experince i have had was when i actually got to turn on the same ZR1 to see what the HUD looked like since my dads vette doesn't have it. Also another very cool experience i have had was when i went to the Barret Jackson auto show in palm beach for spring break. Chevy was giving rides to people in a vette. All i got to say was traction control was off and we took turns around 50 or 60 miles per hour that was fun cause i could feel the back end sliding from behind. Well out of all these experiences the best that i had was with my 2010 camaro. Since i decided to go with the manual transmission i never knew how fast a new clutch garbed since i was use to a 97 318i BMW. Well the second i go to take out the clutch i almost eat the steering wheel and the sales man and my father start laughing at me and saying on the first try well after like 5 minuets of driving the car i got a really good hang of it and now i can drive the camaro better than my father i feel when he messes up even though I'm in the passenger seat. These are just a few with hopefully plenty more to come with my awesome sexy camaro
So I am for sure a bowtie guy.
Proud owner of litho #179 Click Picture for Build Thread
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Drives: '15 Colorado, '73 C/10
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In Dec. 1972 my Dad and i walked into Huffines Chevrolet in Lewisville TX. We drove off in a new '73 Chevy Truck. That Truck served the family well for many, many years through work, play and vacations. I still have this Truck today and use it on the farm offten.

My first auto was a '64 Chevy Truck - man do i wish i had it back.
Wanting a FIFTY
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Drives: 2011 challengerR/T , 2010 Ram R/T
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1965 Malibu, white with blue interior.... 327 with powerglide, bench seats.. best car I ever had for dating (when I was still young)!!!!
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Well, I have a different take. I'm a born and raised GM guy, and have owned nothing except Chevy's in my life. I've always loved the Viper, so when an oppurtunity presented itself, I bought one...with no regrets. I really do love the car.

With that said, at every car show/cruise-in, the Mopar guys are all hot and heavy over my car...they also tell me about their SRT-8s, Ram trucks, or their old Charger/Challengers. I tell them that actually I'm a GM guy, this is my first and only Dodge, and I don't know or care about their Mopars!
2016 Corvette Z06 - Laguna Blue M6 IG:@absoluthank
Procharger F1A : 20/21 Vossen M-X1 3pc Wheels : Stage lll Aero : Kooks/E85 : 810whp
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Dave Coyle

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Drives: 2010 SS , 1970 Z-28, 2002 Avalanche
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Back in the day I had a 1967 Camaro that I bought for $350 with a blown rearend. I was told that it was a 396 engine but later found it to be the L88 427. Any way, this thing was a beast and if I had known I would have stuck a better rear axle under it. I had found a 3.08 geared posi rear and installed it. As I said, this motor was a BEAST that loved to rev and pull strong to 7000 RPM, problem was that with the cam that it had I had a hard time coming out of the hole with the 3.08 gears. Any way, a guy I know had a Ford Grand Turino that he just knew would smoke my car. On a Saturday night while out road "cruzing" we happen to meet and struck up the bet and out we went. Need less to say that I dogged the beast when I popped the clutch and being that the Ford was an auto, he jumped me by at least 4-5 car lengths. I could see his buddies looking back at me while laughing. Long story short, once I got her above 4000 RPM's I run her to the 7000 shift points and by the time I was in 3rd gear I was passing them and what I remember most was the faces as I went blasting by them, his buddies went from laughing to the look of shock as I ending up beating them by over 4 lengths in the quarter mile. This is no BS story, really happened!!!! That was over 30 years ago but like I said, the look on their faces was priceless!!!!!
Livernois Motorsports 2C Cam kit
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Roto-Fab CAI / Port Intake
Precission 2400/2800 Converter/3.73 AAM gears
Livernois Motorsports Tune

Best time: 11.97 @ 117 MPH
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Account Suspended
Drives: '11 2SS/RS L99, '12 2LS LFX
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Thumbs up

My Favorite Chevy Story...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Then I guess this is it. 'Nuff said...

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