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Opinions peformance and electrical

Hello all, i have a couple questions for you.

first of all, i recently recieved my 2lt and last week i put flowmaster 40series mufflers on with stock tips... i had flowmasters on my monte carlo made it sound great. but for some reason i think the flowmasters are aweful... has anybody else done this? i think it makes them sound too much like an import, i need your suggestion on a replacement. i wouldnt mind if it sounded like a 350 z or somethin, but dang it especially sounds bad in the upper rpms, it starts to make a popping sound! people tell me that it makes it sound like a honda... one of my friends told me to use and older series corvette muffler? i dont know...

second part of the questions is more an electrical concern, and im sure this belongs in another section but i thought a quick question wont hurt.. my dimmer doesnt work.. and my satelite radio cuts in and out some times. is the satelite radio thing normal? i mean is it kinda like a dish and with certain weather or under a bridge it would break up? or is that not normal and it could be an onset of an electrical problem...

thanks again, and sorry for the double thread.
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Lucky SOB

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I hear glasspacks sound much better on V6s. I know first hand also that Flowmasters sound like junk on a V6...
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