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Door Abl

first remove all door screws, One 7mm behind door handle, Torx under the rubber insert in the door pull, and 3 phillips screws one front top of door panel 2 bottom of door panel.

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Next lift the orange latch from the door connector. Then pull the connector out through the speaker opening. Drill a small hole at the top of that connector and the intermediate connector. Pull a piece of wire through both connectors. Then pull wire into car. This wire will go to the light tape connectors in the door and to the dimming transformer in the car this way you can adjust them without pulling the doors off again.

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This section is more for the dash install but is also used in the dimming install. First remove the gauge trim bezel. Pry from the bottom first then pop the rest loose. You will have to remove the rubber cover piece from under the trim bezel. Once this piece is removed there are 4 torx screws that need to be removed. Next cover your steering bezel with a towel or it will get scratched(mine did :( live and learn) Slide the gauges out to the left of steering column and when you can get your hand behind it reach back and unplug the gauges. Next locate the LED plug. Purple is positive/ black is negative. If you need an alternate 12v source the smaller red/black strip wire is a good 12v source. Once complete put it all back together and check out your new lights.

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Its Just A State Of Play!!

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Very nice!!

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I need a V-1 BAD!
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That is just sooo awesome. I can't do it but I sure want it done!
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what to buy and where to buy it?
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Is it just me or are the rearward edges of the door trim in need of a little tweaking?

Also, I'm curious, what kind of operating life does light tape have? It was my understanding that anything that's electroluminescent will fade over time because the phosphor in it will eventually quite producing light. I've heard it can have up to a 30,000 hour life span, but that depends on lots of things. Those're the biggest concerns I have with this.

Anyway, it looks really nice.
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Might be a little too bright for me, but it looks great

More options the better
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3 SS's

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Yep...gotta see it in orange, but I wont be tearing my car apart like that, I'd undoubtably break something.
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Looks cool.
Now you ran that new wire because you needed a constant (non-dimable) power source for the EL light tape, because the light tape can't be dimmed?
If I'm using the EL wire in the door I assume I can use the jack that the original door ABL was plugged into.
Did you sand all the way around the door to get the light to shine through or was there already a clear edge for the light?
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Not that hard to take the doors apart. I had more issues putting them back when I did the door ABL - no addition, just sanding down the existing trim. Looks good, but also too bright for me and I'd need to add the dimmer...
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Hello I live in Phx Az.and I'm intrested in getting this Abl setup in my 2010 camaro 1LT & no RS package on this baby. If you could direct me to the company that sells this lighting kit? And how much does it cost. It doestn't look too hard to do. Thank you for your help. Artie
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+1 ^
2011 Blk on Blk 2LT

[x] Perma-grin
[x]1000 Watt Dual 12'' Subs (******** Harness)
[x]Blacked out Bow-ties
[x]AACStyle Blue Footwell Lights.
[x]AACStyle Blue LED Dome Light.
[x]AACStyle Blue LED Trunk Light
[x]Knight Rider 54 Blue LED
[X]Valentine 1 Hard Wire
[X]Valentine 1 Concealed Display
[ ]20 %Tinted Windows
[ ]LED Underglow
[ ]Rear Footwell Lights
[ ]ABL Extension
[ ]Camaro RS Projection
[ ]Painted Calipers
[ ]Glove Box Light
[ ]Door Handle Lights
[ ]Cold Air Inductions CAI
[ ]AACStyle Plasma DRL
[ ]AACStyle License Plate LEDS
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can someone say Tron?
Looks great
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I love the look and am planning on installing the lights myself. Where did you get the kit and how much was it?

My only suggestion is to use a suitcase connector instead of twisting the wires together with electrical tape, it's a longer lasting and more secure connection.

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Looks great, always wanted to do this. I did get around to extending the door panels so they touched the dash. I had bought the EL wire in aqua (before I traded it for my IOM) to try it. Do you have any more pix of how you attached the lights (I'm assuming thats EL wire). Would love to try it in my IOM, ever done it on the red yet? Really cool though!
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