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Old 11-03-2009, 09:18 AM   #29
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Midknight madness
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I love the look and that higher rise spoiler but no feeling that hood. I get its purpose but still, something about a solid hood looks better. And I hope they do away the the air inlet on the front above the grill. I just want a clean look, not a cool look. Clean, Bad-ass, and ready to boogety boogety! Thats not too much...hopefully the Z28 will be all cleaned up.
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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
Now THAT is one of the better looking 5th Gens. I've seen!

Not "overly done" with paint, body modifications, etc.!

Just a "clean", bada@@ look.

Truly one of the best looking 5th Gens.!
agreed. I'd love that carbon fiber look engine cover in RJT!
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Broke College Student
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Maybe this was a test to see how the public reacted to the changes so that when they unveil the z28 at Detroit (fingers crossed) with only slight modifications to this design they know everyone will love it. If this is their plan its pretty smart, and if its not their plan they need to change it!
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..looks great, hope it makes it to production(or at least the cosmetics do)
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Camaro Junkie
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The car is HOT congrats to Pedders on the work with GM.

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Number 3
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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Mike -

Very nice. Congrats to Pedders for the suspension. Nice Camaro.

Do you know if that turbo kit is going to be made available to the public ?
Same question for the hood.

Number 3 -

Have you by chance heard when the Heritage Grille will be available ?

Thanks Guys.
Sorry, I haven't heard a date
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omg i want it. simply amazing.
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I want pics of the four camaro's in Michigan.......
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I like both the wheels and hood. And 6 piston calipers, nice. Why didn't they just go with the 12 pistons. I'm curious to know what kind of MPG this Camaro gets when the Camaro is being beat.
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Bah, that Leno car does nothing for me. If you ask me, Leno was put up to it by GM to sell the concept at the show. Star power above all else. I would think that if Leno was to do things his own way, he would have had complete autonomy and designed his perfect Camaro on a V8 platform of some kind. I think Jay Leno would have been the last enthusiast to worry about fuel economy and I think both he and the car are contridictions in terms at this booth. Maui Jim's car and other concepts there look and likely perform much better than this car. I suppose if we were just judging based on pure innovation, the car would be a 10 because there is virtually no fuel economy loss and it is a true V6, but I was looking for something with a bit more meat. I've seen worse but I've also seen much better.

I've never used Pedder's Suspensions and I'm sure they are great if all the SEMA cars are using them, so I take nothing away from them. Please do not misunderstand me.

What I would really like to know is where I can purchase those Camaro convertible concept wheels with the red stripe along the sidewall. I've been seeing them forever and I want them beyond badly. I was teased early on with the concept, and then saw them on Tom Peter's convertible. I was assuming they'd be an option when the 2010 Camaro was released, but alas, it wasn't. Release these wheels already!
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Great looking Camaro and the power + fuel economy is awesome! That would be an awesome model to put on the market if possible.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
....and I'd love to tell you all about what we're working on, but then there's that fleet of Black Suburbans that show up when one says more than they should...............
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Mohrg Beast
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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Here is some stock photos of the Chroma, Dusk and Synergy.
thats mean of GM to put out that Synergy Camaro with that spoiler without having that spoiler available..i want it damn it..LOL. l love the front fascia on that Lena car too..why couldnt they have done the actual camaros fascia like that..i think everyones would look good like that..or at least the V6s to give them some balls to take up for the lesser would have loved to have that fascia..but even if they offer it for sale im not going to buy it. ive already spent WAY TOO much money on my paint and its been in the paint shop WAY TOO long.LOL..heres hoping for that spoiler soon..doesnt look like the same spoiler as the High Wing.
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I WANT THOSE WHEELS......and front facia too!
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