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Jalopnik now has pics from today's event....
Attached Images
Better make sure my passing lane change blinker works...
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2002 numbers were estimates too. The LS1 M6 was rated as high as today's 3.6 DI. Seems to me the newer technology would be superior to 2002. LS1 was eight cylinders to 3.6 DI's six. Just disappointed, that's all.

For someone not as interested in fuel economy (especially the SS), this looks like a very nice car! The boys at GM are to be commended for that. The body lines are great!
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Z28 Hold Out!
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Originally Posted by Muscle Master View Post
The Camaro is 3860 pounds with the six-speed.....yes, Chally stands a chance after all
Hate to agree.
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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
#1, those are estimated numbers. And you always estimate low, so as not to raise and then dash the hopes of a customer. If I were to bet, I'd place money on 27mpg...not that it would make a difference above 26.

#2, this car also has 300hp with those 26/27 mpg. In 2002, you had to settle for 200hp.

There isn't a noticeable difference between 27 and 29. you might be talking a couple hundred dollars a year......
The method that the EPA uses now to arrive at MPG figures is significantly different from when the last F-bod was tested for fuel mileage in '02.
I think that real-world numbers will compare more than favorably with the last 4th Gen cars once people have a chance to drive them and do their calculations.
I guess the guy who wrote the content for Ed's teleprompter decided 2009 was the ticket!

Best regardSS,

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I concur with others this reveal was a big let down. gm marketing/ad dept sucks. who's bright idea was it to have such a half ass reveal.. Why not show the SS? or at least post some pics?
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Originally Posted by joes3rdcamaro82/91/2010 View Post
Hate to agree.
Still got us by 292 lb.

??Anyone know the weigh of the 2010 Rustang??

The first rule of modding something that's not American is to not try to compete with modded V8 cars that are American. Really, they can run insane power with little investment. It's not even a fair fight.
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Originally Posted by playhard67 View Post
I couldn't get onto this forum for 50 minutes...don't know if I was alone in that.

As we've seen the red RS is freakin' awesome. I was very disappointed it was so short and we didn't see any good pics of the interior.

And no SS.
I couldn't get on either. I believe it was Internet Explorer users that were having a problem. We'll discuss that later, though. I had to download firefox to get it to work.


Was suprised at the unveil. Very short. At least it's out and all the GM folks can talk about it now. Questions CAN be answered. SS is just wasn't discussed as GM is trying to focus on the economic V6 that puts all other V6's to SHAME. C'mon. It'll be just about as fast as the V8 Mustang AND get better gas mileage. You guys really have no idea!!!
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it was hard to guage the height of the car since the two people stanging next to it where so far apart in height. I was really hoping to see an SS roll in
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Can someone please explain to me what happened to the idea of the LSA based Z28? I saw something on left lane news about it being washed but then someone else said that was BS. So what's the deal? Have they successfully pissed on my parade and decided they are NOT going to do it?
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LLN is just like Mt and a few other magazines. They print any rumors they hear and hope to get viewers which increases their revenue. Not everything they publish is true. That's why you see a lot of "WTF?!?!?!?" threads of people posting links to other sites. If you haven't heard it from a credible source at GM, take it with a grain of salt.
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A Volkswagen key? Actually very BMW and high end. Thankfully NO pushbutton starter. Glad it is the old twist to start key.

Anybody locate heated seat switchgear? I would really like to see heated seats in a convertible.

In the specsheet in shows the hud lit on the windshield...see no controls for it (as in Corvette - i.e.: up down, page display and brightness controls)
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I gotchya but in all fairness, nothing so far has said anything like "the Z/28 will be out later in the year....etc" I am noticing a distinct lack of mention for the Z/28 option.
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oh boy, I think I will need to save more money than expected :( I need the LT/RS package ;>

i really like the aqua blue metallic
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Bowtie Guy Z28
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I imagine a ton of pics will be coming out within hours from the media that was present with plenty of interior and engine bay shots.

But I do agree that the marketing dept....well how can I put this nicely...may need some serious help .
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