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1992 Camaro

I am looking at a 1992 Camaro, the color is Purple Haze which they say is a special 25th Anniv color, its a six cyl with 5 spd manual. Are these cars fairly fast with the 6 cyl stock? How about gas mileage? Any real problem areas to look for?
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Any '92 Camaro could be ordered with Purple Haze. It was not a special anniversary color. With respect to performance, get a 305 Z/28. More fun and gas mileage is fairly close to the same as the V6.
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I have that same engine in my Cavalier. Its peppy for what it is and for it's day but compared to todays V6's and even 4 cylinders its not that fast. It's like a high 15's low 16's car. Do what he said, find a 5.0 if you want economy and fun, or find a 5.7 or even swap one in if you want a fast third gen.
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I got about 23 MPG combined in my old 87 IROC with the 350. So, I wouldn't drop to a V6 on the 3rd gens personally.
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My first Camaro was a 87 V6. It was a great first Camaro for a teenger (ten Years ago) with the Speedometers highest speed being 85mph -- although the needle went much further-- I had some great years in that car and it was wicked fun to drive -- Unfortunately I had a little problem one night and it blew up
Now I drive a 91 5.0 Liter V8 - Big difference in power and much more fun to drive. I've had this one for over 3 years and these rediculous gas prices can't keep me from driving it every chance I get. When you find the right car - IT WON'T LET YOU ESCAPE.
Let us Know what you choose...
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My first camaro was also an 87 v6. it was fun but it was by no means fast.
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I purchased my candy apple red Camaro RS brand new in 1992 and it now has 370K+ miles with no major work required and I still drive it everyday as it is my primary car. The 3.1L, rated at only 140 H.P., together with the 5-speed manual, struggle a little to get this heavy car going, esp. in the lower gears. However, once up to speed, the car is a real pleasure to drive. I drive a mininum of 70 miles each day to and from work and have gotten 29+ mpg on my last three fillups ... given the price of gas, I try to keep it to 65 mph max. As I said, the car is a 100% pleasure to drive and be seen in. I love it.
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