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Thumbs up Camaro Corner

From the Auto Oshawa Info:
Camaro CornerÖ

The following letter was received by Chevrolet. Chevrolet receives a lot of letters, some
are good, and some offer ďconstructive criticism.Ē Normally these letters are not
published, but it was felt that there was a need to share this one. The author, Roger B.,
gave his permission to share a portion of the letter about his 2010 Camaro.
I just have way too many problems with this car. Letís start with the exterior:
1. The styling is too aggressive.
ē Iím a pretty passive person by nature and I donít want the personality of this car to project onto me.
The front looks like a snarling animal ready to pounce. Scary.
2. The paint is too shiny.
ē I spent last Saturday applying ZAINO to the car and I must have done it wrong because I canít even
tell what color it is anymore (Victory Red, BTW). All I can see is shine and reflection.
3. Itís too sexy.
ē What with the curves and hips that the body features Iím starting to have feelings about this car
that no Christian man should have. I havenít looked it up but Iím pretty sure itís a sin.
Now about the interior:
1. The seat fits too well.
ē I think Oshawans must have busted into my house while I was sleeping and measured my butt
because the driverís seat feels like it was made for my body. Creepy.
2. The audio system is too loud.
ē I canít even have a decent conversation with my wife because the audio system is always blaring
Classic Rock and weíre singing at the top of our lungs. That canít be good for marital relations.
On to performance problems:
1. They gave me the wrong motor.
ē When I ordered the 1LT several ďfriendsĒ intimated that I was a wuss for not getting the V8. The V6 is
a ďwomanís carĒ. (Iím sure they meant no offense...) I think the Oshawans seriously screwed up and
gave me the V8 because this thing is way too fast for a V6. It practically LEAPS when I step on the gas.
2. Thereís no indication of excessive speed.
ē Iím used to a car shaking like a gypsy wagon (pots and pans clanging, dead chickens swinging) when
I approach 70 mph but this thing is way too smooth. Iím just casually driving, happen to look down
and, to my understandable HORROR, Iím doing 85! Smooth as air hockey. That CANíT be good.
Finally - general overall problems:
1. The odometer must be WAY off.
ē Thereís no way Iíve put that many miles on it already. Just because I drive 45 miles round trip over
twisty-turny country roads to get a hamburger, it shouldnít add up THAT fast. 110 miles round trip
for a Chipotle burrito shouldnít be excessive. And donít even get me going about a T-Bone steak!
2. Iím unable to keep up with my TV watching.
ē I donít know what Iím going to do when 24 starts up again.
3. I hate letting it out of my sight.
ē I find myself parking 6 miles away from store entrances (after letting the wife out at the door - Iím
not a caveman...) because Iím deathly afraid some crazy, loony, Charlie Manson looking nut-job will
give me a door ding. Iím seriously angry if a butterfly farts on my car. I donít think my heart can take
the stress.
4. People keep LOOKING at me.
ē I feel like Iím in a July 4th parade! I really canít stand all the attention. My smile muscles hurt and my
right thumb is going to be in a cast at this rate. Who needs that?
So, as you can see, I have no choice but to return the Camaro since I canít imagine any of these problems
ever being resolved.
Oh wait - CRAP! I just remembered... I sold my 60 day return policy back to the dealer for $500. Well, I
guess Iíll just have to live with it. Maybe it will grow on me.
Thought for the day...
ďOne day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautifulĒ - Sigmund Freud
Signed - Roger B.
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Sir Nuke
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Great letter.......he has quite the imagination.
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I feel the same way.
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I'm pretty sure this is a
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Originally Posted by TahoeCamaro View Post
I'm pretty sure this is a
Don't be pretty sure... be 100% sure! Cause it is.
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The magic smoke genie....
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"2. There’s no indication of excessive speed.
• I’m used to a car shaking like a gypsy wagon (pots and pans clanging, dead chickens swinging) when
I approach 70 mph but this thing is way too smooth. I’m just casually driving, happen to look down
and, to my understandable HORROR, I’m doing 85! Smooth as air hockey. That CAN’T be good."

there is the speed warning that you can set up in the digital desplay menu's. LOL
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