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Cool Maggie install (automatic L99) Easy

Just finished installing a TVS 2300 magnuson supercharger. First I would like to thank Thomas hendrix from hendrix eng and bob from Magnuson for all there help in this project . The install took about 7.5 hours with 4 of us working on it (Air Force veterans and servicemen) at the Vandenberg AFB Auto Hobby Shop. The reason I bring up the military is that we are used to Technical orders and are used to going step by step with very few deviations. do not follow the directions step by step (I do recommend reading the instructions over and over and laying everything out. Some of the issues are as follows; this is for people installing a supercharger on an L99. the website directions are not the same as the updated ones you rec with supercharger. You DO NOT have to remove the ECM it comes with an SCT tuner and preprogrammed tune. First, there is no check valve so later in the install the 11/32 hose will not fit. You have to install an adapter and 2 inches of larger hose. We were unable to loosen the Harmonic balancer bolt with an Impact wrench. basically as explained in previous thread we bumped the starter with coil packs unplugged, bolt came right out. drilling and reaming was not difficult at all, definitely use right angle drill. when we torqued the new bolt(provided) to the 140 degree mark,we held the harmonic balancer pulley and belt . We didnt use a torque angle meter. just mark your bolt (use protractor)or start with your torque wrench straight up and down and turn to the 4.30 position. At step 56 it tells your to remove the 02 sensor, for automatics you do not need to do this as you will not remove the valley cover. My 02 sensor was already pointed in the right direction which I assume most are, so it was left alone(check this though). Put a little soapy water on gasket and intake and it slides much easier into place (horsepower TV tip). Biggest tip; INSTALL the intercooler hoses to the back of the supercharger before installing on engine as the clamps (get a tool) are a PITA. We used the provided tune after sending VIN number in and i have had ZERO issues. tuning was simple but we will have the car dyno tuned after we install a new CAI. deciding between vararam or ADM. Anyway there you have it. If a few miltary guys can do it so can you. I would like to say if you are a least bit worried or for peace of mind have a professional do it. They are good at what they do and it is YOUR baby.
PS An Air force mag will be writing an article on this install.
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Damn I miss my Auto Hobby Shop..:(. Nice job... now lets see some numbers...
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Very nice congrats:Vandenberg AFB brings back allot of memories Pismo beach Etc.Drive it like you stole it!!
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Great write up! Makes me (almost) want to run out and trade my v6 in so that I can do the install myself! (also former USAF).

Now let's see the dyno!!
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NO, the Rev limiter is not set to 118MPH... and YES, driving in this manner does affect MPG...
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Would love to see pics.
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Nice post.Sounds simple enough.Great write up & you make it sound simple.Would really like to do this myself someday.Hope to see your numbers later.
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I am contemplating putting a Maggie on my L99. Any pics of the installation or the final result? How about a before/after dyno number comparison??

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I do not have a before dyno comparison but we will have the car on a dyno this weekend and I will post results. On another note the instructions tell you to drill to the second step of the drill bit itself. We painted the drill bit to the second step so you can see the second step much easier while your drilling. I would also recommend moving the intercooler fill reservoir to a different location as we don't particular care for the location it is in. Which means DON't cut your intercooler hose until you decide where your going to mount the reservoir. We will have to install a new hose and move it. Didnt think about it until it was already installed. I will post pics tomorrow. never posted pic's on this site before
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Nice work guys! Glad we could help you out.
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I am the internets.
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My family used to go camping at Jalama Beach right next to Vandenberg when I was a kid.
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Very nice write-up. Thanks for taking the time to post your tips.

A couple of questions:
- did you buy your supercharger from Hendrix?
- did you not have to clamp a flywheel tool to hold the engine while torqueing the harmonic bolt?
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Camaro Sold
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Yes purchased from Hendrix eng.
We did not have to clamp the flywheel. two of us held the pulley belt as the third person torqued the bolt. Military ingenuity
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2010 SSRS

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Looks awesome
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