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I haven't ordered my camaro yet but I'm on this forum everyday and I know everything that is in these cars so I will share my input...

- Make leather seats an option for the LS, 1LT, 1SS models.
- More ambient lighting throughout the car (dash, footwell, back seat) with customer choice of color (blue, orange)
- I've heard about a lot of paint issues with these cars?
- HUD (This just sounds way cool)
- Make the 4 gauge rally packs an option for non 2LT and 2SS models.
- Shedding a few pounds from this car without changing the style of the car would be awesome!
- That mailslot in the front needs to be functional for the SS models...

I really do love this car and I can't wait to get my hands on it soon.
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Z28, Berlin Blue, BLK Int
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Well I don't have one yet but I will try to be helpful...

1. I would like to see the color of Camaro Dusk available... I think it was berlin blue.

2. The option for navigation in place of the current radio.

3. The option for an upgraded interior because not everyone will want the added weight it may add or care about a fancy interior.

2&3. The nav and upgraded interior like that of the CTS-V. I am more of a fan of that interior than the camaro.

4. Z28 with a LS7 though whatever you put into one will be fine.

5. HUD cause it seems neat.

6. Seems a lot of people have a complaint with the gas cap. My solution is use a gascapless system and make the gas door locking with the button to open it on the inside in the dash.

7. For the automatic, in manual mode have the control in the shift nob by pushing forward or back instead of paddle shifters.

8. Well after thinking about it, it seems as what I would like is like an executive edition z28 with a cadillac style interior and accessories. Luxury muscle car with lots of muscle.

9. Keep doing what you guys and gals are doing cause I like what I am seeing out of GM lately. Thank you for all that you are doing and listening to the consumer.

Matt aka Spooker_Doodles
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i think thats the z-28 shouod not be supercharged. make it like the ol' 69 was! bigger engine that produces more. also shave some pounds, even brighter headlights, interior lighting, make hood scoop functional
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not really a fan of the side gill dents just my 2 cents
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First, thanks for listening GM!

1. Keep the gas door on the passenger side - I like not hitting the pump guard posts when opening the door.
2. Passenger side power seat adj. - All for it.
3. Improved interior lighting and material.
4. Would like to see a functional ram air in the mail slot.
5. ABL across the dash - Yes!
6. Z28 - Should be a great performing car, but should not outclass the SS.
7. Optional factory/dealer install Supercharger with full warrenty for all models would be nice.
8. LS6/7/X Engine upgrade options would also be nice.
9. Would like to see an option to disable the skip shift on the M6 tranny.
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in love with Olivia now.
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the only thing that would make me get another camaro is a keyless system like the corvette, don't really care for HUD, Memory seats or navigation

Originally Posted by 2SSJIM View Post

1. Keep the gas door on the passenger side - I like not hitting the pump guard posts when opening the door.
hate banging my door on the pump or on the post

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin Camaro Owners check out
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First of all I would like to thank GM for this car, what a machine!!

The things I would have like to have seen on this and future camaros are..

1. Hideaway headlights
2. Fuel door on top of quarter panel, driver side
3. Heads up display
4. Touch screen stereo
5. Memory seats and mirrors
6. Smaller handbrake handle
7. Cup holders redesigned, they are in the way on manuals.
8. T-Tops
9. The leather strap with the snap that the seat belt runs through has got to be changed, its always coming undone.
10. Headrest that move forward and back, for long trips.

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Go Speed Racer!!!
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Zero Compromise!!!!


I have not purchased my Camaro yet, but I test drove one. I am a designer, and I must say I think the new Camaro is the best looking car I think I have ever seen, and I strongly believe its market appeal potentially goes far, far beyond the current target market!!!!!

When I test drove the Camaro SS, its acceleration and handling blew my mind!!!! I am very excited to purchase an SS and I have the following to share with you:

1. The sun visors seemed way, way too small and flimsy.

2. Climate control is a must

3. Power folding mirrors

4. There should be a sunglass holder like in the Lexus LS 430.

5. The driver door should also have a much larger compartment like on the Lexus LS 430.

6. I thought the inside door handle was weak, and the small, cheap piece of rubber that is removable has got to go.

7. Air conditioned seats would be nice to keep you cool and dry.

8. Much bigger and wider sunroof. The sunroof is tiny like the sun visors. Take a look at the sunroof on the current BMW 6 series, which is much wider and longer.

9. I think you should have made the Camaro an open-air-coupe like on the Camaro Concept and the original 1960s Camaro. Changing this would give the car even better lines, as well as significantly improving visibility and making the car feel more like a convertible when you have the (larger) sunroof open along with all 4 windows rolled down. (As a matter of fact, I think you would be better off making a huge sunroof and open air C-pillar hardtop, than a crappy soft-top." It would also be much safer.)

10. I think the rear-view exterior mirrors should have LED turning signals on the fronts like on a Mercedes to really show oncoming traffic that you are turning, plus it gives the driver much better real-time feedback.

11. I also think the rear-view exterior mirrors should have LED puddle lamps that automagically light up as you approach the car. Once again, check out the Lexus LS 430.

12. Offer an option with powder coated brake calipers that match the color of the exterior of the car, and also offer a standard red option. This just looks high-end and cool.

13. Offer a Hard-top convertible like on the BMW 3 Series. From all the photos of the soft-top convertible it ruins the amazing lines when the top is up. Of course it is the best looking convertible ever made with the top down, but I think it should look just as good with the top up.

14. Get rid of the useless, stupid-looking hand brake!!! This is bad-retro. It should have a foot pedal, or even better, and automagic version.

15. I have to agree, that I think your designers got carried away with making the roof-line a little too low. I think if you raised it an inch or two it would not detract from the beautiful geometry.

On a final note, I want to emphasize I believe one of the most overlooked markets for the Camaro is ironically a more luxury focused buyer. I am going from the Lexus LS 430 to the Camaro and I am used to more attention to detail.

Don't get me wrong, because I think the Camaro is miraculous, I just think there is room for improvement in small details that matter. An example in my mind, is the lamo, tiny Flinstones sunroof in the current Camaro. Make it high-tech Jetson's.

I cannot emphasize how important I think these details are.

For whatever it is worth, after test-driving the new Camaro, the first thought I had, was that I have never been so proud to be an American. I was shocked and still am that I think the coolest, best designed car is the new Camaro. The car just took my breath away, but I noticed some of the details left a great deal to be desired.

I think GM should take more of an Apple Computer approach to design. Make the Camaro so there is zero design compromise. Make is totally state of the art while maintaining the amazing lines and muscle.

I think most people would be willing to pay more money for a better car that they know they are going to be happy with for longer. Once again, like an Apple Computer. I think Americans and international consumers desire more and are willing to pay for it. The Camaro is already such an amazing value proposition, build in more value and people will gladly pay for it.

I think what you do with the Camaro in the next major revision will be the ultimate character defining moment for GM. Don't compromise on ANYTHING. Just look at the detail on a 1959 Cadillac if you want to see what American design and manufacturing can do, then study a 1981 Cadillac Cimarron and see where GM went to hell.

Make the Camaro perfect. The football is on the 5 yard-line, score this touchdown and win the Superbowl of car design with the Camaro!!!!!!!!!

Also, I read every post in this thread, and I was extremely impressed with the feedback from forum members. I was also impressed at how few and consistent the design detail requests were. This is a very good sign!!!

Now go smoke the Mercedes SL, BMW 3 and 6 series convertibles as well as the 911 convertible with the new Camaro convertible!!!!! You are in the lead–keep it!!!!!!

Designer for BulletTrain at and Editor & Publisher of Jake's Rolex World Magazine located at

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Put me in the happy owner category and I appreciate you giving us at Camaro5 the opportunity to comment. That in itself tells me that GM is changing for the better!

Changes I would like to see:
1) More supportive driver's seat. The side bolsters are fine but I think the lumbar and knee/thigh areas need improvement.

2) How about a lower-weight version of the 1SS package? I see all these options that certain people want to see, but they all add weight to an already bloated vehicle. This is a sports car, it should be lighter.

3) Optional light-weight sport suspension package. I autocross and I could bolt on all sorts of aftermarket parts, but I would appreciate and prefer something from you.

4) Make the SS mail slot functional. I detest fake trim on vehicles, especially those boy-racer skirts, wings, splitters. If it is there, it should serve a purpose. Otherwise, it is just useless swag.

Tell the folks on the assembly line to keep up the great work. They are appreciated and with the huge Toyota recall, I hope they all see their opportunity to shine!
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Chief Bob

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More ambient lighting
Passenger side power seat adjuster
Factory Hurst option
Factory exhaust option
3.73 Rear axle option
2012 ZL1,CTF Car, SIM MN6, Polished Wheels,The Rare Flat Black Insert.
Proud member of the unofficial Camaro5 "Rodgers Chevrolet Fan Club"

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I'm a woman driver, so my observations will reflect that...

Lighting: needs some on the mirrors, Homelink buttons and under the hood!

2LT/RS, ABM, sunroof
v6 automatic
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well we all know that everyone can't be pleased all of the time,but it seems obvious that there are a few things that most all members want to see changed:
1. abl across dash (and have a kit available to install on the 2010)
2. pwr.pass. seat (my son nor my wife can see over the dash)
3. get rid of some weight (being the engine is alluminum,i do not see why the car weighs so much)
4. and some type of a blind spot indicator in side mirrors
5. do something better with the leather seating (the mustang(oops) has better looking quality interior)
6. more interior lighting
other than these suggestions,the car is awesome,i love it!
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Dr Jkel
and MR. HYDE
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I Love my car, but here are a few minor things that would help.

1. ABL across the dash
2. Front and rear SS instead of the Bowtie.
3. Underhood Light, it never fail that when you need to jump someone off it is at night, an underhood light would help alot.
4. Offer Factory CHROME rims.
5. Offer FACTORY installation of Header, Exhaust, shifter
6. Revamp rear diffuser on the ground effects kit so that the exhaust is round, not square.
7. Power passenger seat
8. Offer Dovetail Spoiler

With the following and passion of the Camaro fanbase I think it would be neat to offer factory delivery.

I understand that this is a new version, but keep dealership staff updated on service requirements. Camaro 5 knows before the dealership does.

This is one awesome machine, you have done well GM and the Camaro Team, keep up the good work.
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