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Old 02-23-2010, 07:16 AM   #141

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keep them coming......Alot of great input here....

What makes this trip better is that before customers didn't have thier cars, now since you have had some seat time we get a better insight on what you would like to see....
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I don't mean for this to come off sounding mean because I love my Camaro but as a 1SS owner, I was more than a little perturbed to find that the model I pre-ordered did not come with door lighting, OR the all important 4 pack gauges. I think all SS models should have this.
Also almost every Camaro owner purchased one because they fell in love with the concept model. I think GM needs to start making future models closer to the concept. That being said, the interior doesn't look anything like the concept model and THAT is part of the driving experience. The speedometer, the 4 pack, the intricate metal work around the manual stick lavished in chrome, is something GM needs to try and deliver to the customers. I would pay anything to upgrade to this interior.
Last but not least, please give us the fascias (front and back) that were on the concept model. Neither the SS or LT have this front or back. Everybody and their mother wants the tail pipes you have on the concept model, please make that happen.

Thank you for listening to the customers.
I'm proud to be a supporter of GM
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A way to turn off the 4cyl mode. Thats about it for me.
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foldable side mirrors, that way if they are hit they won't just break off.
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Give more things as options;

Hud optional
Track Pack optional
Navagation optional

I would also like to see GMPP offer tunes that will not void warranties.
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I'm going to go with cosmetic issues, or some things that look like they were left off, but have the ability to add to the car.

1. All colors of interior trim (RJT interior trim accessory), and splash guards (missing white, green, and the blue colors)
2. Glove box light (you left a hole on the left side to mount a light)
3. Ambient lighting in the dash and footwell lighting (there are stock holes for footwell)
4. Backup sensors with the lights like in the owners manual.
5. Lighted homelink buttons or just a raised bump on one or more of them.
6. The ability to adjust the passenger seat up. (This isn't as big of an issue with me)
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Stay Marine
Finally home!!
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Understanding Chevy went cheap where ever they could to keep costs down, so keeping that in mind... see below:

...providing another vote for the below recommendations...
- Paint, paint, paint... unbelievable the poor quality/thickness. I have so many chips from just driving around it is ridiculous. It really challenges the 'quality' argument and highlights the 'save money' perception
- Skip-Shift--way too dangerous where it engages now... and inevitably in the middle of a turn intersection... really, forcing 4th gear at will be at 18 and dropping by the time it is in gear...but the manual warns about low revving which is it??!! Understand why it is there, but should engage at higher speed to compensate for initial start up and loss of speed during shift. OTHERWISE, we will just hammer the throttle to push through...great idea, keep us in 1st gear longer so we can do just the opposite (waste more gas)...
- Visors---A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. They are crappy plastic, sit too far back, are way to narrow, and completely useless for the side... UNBELIEVABLE. Why put them in there? Put closer to windshield, one more inch in depth to be useful, and slideable on the post for side many other manufacturers make this standard.
- Interior quality. Agree there should be full leather option above normal 2SS upgrade..for those who have to have it. Keep carbon fiber looking plastic as standard to keep 2SS pricing competitive...but does the other plastic really need to be like Hasbro kids toys... If it weren't for the muscle and brawny exterior, the interior would scream cheap, cheap, cheap.... Ford has you there, hands down. And I hate Fords. The plastic around the parking brake is so flimsy, its like a bathtub toy! come on...
- Seatbelt...does it really need to choke you? I am 5'9'' the average across the board for fitting..but that seat belt cuts right into side of my neck, no matter how I adjust the seat..unless I went gangster... Like so many other manufacturers, make the side connection height adjustable.
- Accelerator... the lag from push to action is very noticeable...should be part of QC. Guessing the controllability under 2k RPMs is by design, which is probably smart, but the actual lag/slop in the accelerator should not be part of that.
- Passenger seat upgrade. Understand cost savings again..but even $20k cars have manual seats that slide forward automatically when you pop seat-back forward, and come back to original setting...but not our Camaro. Yes, not many ride in the back, but don't put seats back there if you can't get to them...
--Also, the crappy plastic handle to move the passenger seat fwd/back screams of cheap and in the way.
- Also for passengers...keep dash dimensions same as on driver's side... glove box is lower and farther out so really tight on the knees.
- Drivers seat...the top of the line car does not offer lumbar adjustments, but every foreign manufacturer does? Is that a notable cost savings too?
- Memory settings....the manual states the function is there...but it isn't. Without notches, it is frustrating to reset the adjustments anytime you switch drivers...make memory seats standard for any power seats.
- Does the driver foot room (or lack of) really need to be that tight/claustrophobic? I couldn't imagine being down there with size 10 shoes or larger (most dudes)!
- The headlight knob is invisible no matter where stearing wheel is are using the force... to find and adjust..
- Ambient lighting improvement...even separate driver/passenger push button style would improve.
- Underhood lighting...every dude out there should know this... why was it left out to begin with?
- Functional hood vent.. concur. Is there a notable aerodynamic increase without?
- Trimming bet

So biggest heartaches that make Chevy look cheap: Paint job quality, interior plastic, seat belt layout and 1970's style passenger seat manual adjust.

the others are nice to haves.

As for some gucci type items (nav system, A/C seats, ...) those are nice to have, but should not/not be a standard upgrade to the SS or RS packages. Keeping those trim levels at costs below a Ford/Chrysler equivalent are great marketing points... But allow the options for those who want to go crazy and spend the extra coin.

Lastly (sorry, I know), the leather in there now...great (really impressed with back seats feel), tire/rim combos..great..., suspension/handling...great, exterior design...great, exhaust note, ...OK..., traction control/stabilitrak,...great, HID lighting...awesome.

Sorry for all the bitching... I truly do love this car, minus the paint/visors/seatbelt

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My requests would be:
bring on the z
bring back the 1LE package, and make it all about weight reduction
don't let the car get "stale" ; make noticable changes every two years ( taillights, front fascia, etc)
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I don't own a camaro - but I've studied(admired) it on the forum, website, videos, in my brochures beside my bed before I go to bed etc -

Only two things I could say is-

1- Cupholder relocation - I can't see it's current location being ergonomically feasible with a manual shifter - having a big mug of coffee right in the middle of where the forearm is supposed to rest.

2- HUD option - we're in 2010 - it's the "lit computer keyboard" type of idea of "why isn't it mainstream yet?"

....just my.02 from a diehard fan and ultra auto enthusiast.
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1. Go to a softer look and feel of the dashboard if it does not raise costs.
2. Better interior lighting for back seat area.
3. Keep fuel door on passenger side.
4. Passenger seat needs to adjust like the drivers side does.
5. Hard top convertible.
6. Under dash lighting.
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Catch me if you can
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Thanks for listening to your customers! That's great that GM wants to hear what we have to say.

So here goes.
  1. Seat belt latch on driver and passanger side. Seems a little to low next to the center counsel.
  2. Over all interior lighting. Only example I can come up with is the 2008 Malibu (I have one and I like the lighting it provides.)
  3. Knocking parts or equipment. Sounds like I have a person in the trunk knocking to get out.
  4. Extend the options list for the 1 SS. Example: I would of like to have ordered the 4 gauge cluster and the PDIM, But I wasn't intrested in the leather and other gadgets.
  5. Painted on Rally stripes or pin stripes.
  6. Paint quality, chips fairly easy.
  7. Center counsel, cable outlet or small gap to run the cable out of the center box.
  8. Finally, neck braces. I see to many people rubber necking to see the car. Poor souls are in to much pain looking at this fantastic car.
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Old 02-23-2010, 08:59 AM   #152

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First off I absolutely love this car.
For improvements I would suggest:

1) Sun visors with pull down flaps that actually work.

2) Heat shields for the tranny lines right near the exhaust (v6).

3) Back up camera's and a real navigation display.

4) A passenger seat with height adjustment.
2010 Camaro Auto, Inferno Orange, Titanium Interior, Gearhead Wheels AIRAID CAI
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I like the idea of the Camaro Dusk concept... and have read the rumors about the executive edition so pulling from those two ideas:

I love the Berlin Blue - or maybe even marina blue
Brushed aluminum interior trim package
Something similar to the Dusk's wheel package available stock (why not just offer another 20" design with the same dimensions and uses same tire package as stock 20's)
black interior with red (or any other color) stitching

Pittsburgh Automotive Photography
Black on Black 2SS/RS w/ white stripes Dynomax 3" Bullet Catback, CAI Cold Air Intake
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King Mouse
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Hello and thanks for listening!

I LOVE my car!

My List:
  • -Offer a Pearl Orange such as HOK Tangello
  • -On the Grey and Beige seats, Just make the color on the center panels
  • -AFM is terrible. Maybe make it user controllable if legal.

I really appreciate having such a wonderful car at a blue collar price!

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