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Z28 or more powerful SS!
HUD and NAV system
Med blue similar to the 69's had

In the mean time my money goes into my 67
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I'm sure these have been mentioned but:

1) Make the Passanger seat power enabled.
2) Add seat memory functionality to Driver's seat/mirrors/radio
3) Change sunroof to retract inside the car (if possible, without ruining the look of the body style)
4) HUD
5) Ambient lighting across dash
6) Make mail slot functional
7) Even more power on stock V8 - (0-60 @ 4.0 sec )
8) Incorporate NAV screen into stereo component along with backup camaras all-in-one display.
9) Use ceramic brake pads as factory option. Brake dust is horrible and appears way to quickly.
10) Be able to change the interior lighting colors scheme with multiple options/colors.
11) Different seatbelt strap solution (magnetic retainer strap at shoulder level)
12) Deep Jewel Green metalic color option
13) Functional overhead sun visors
14) Adjustable lumbar support in both front seats. Up/down position and inflate/deflate.
15) More punch and higher quality sound system from factory. The Boze premium sound system in the 2003 GMC Envoy is incredible for being factory for example. Sounds like there are definitely subs in the Envoy but there are not. Current BA premium system is OK but just isn't quite there.
16) Homelink buttons need to be pertruding so you can find them in the dark.
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Well, the overall design of the car is a solid "10!"

The performance for me likewise rates a"10." - I am not a racer, so I look at this as a blank sheet of paper off of which the racing crowd can work.

Handling "10."

Fuel Economy - "10+."

Some personal thoughts on what I believe should be improved on future versions of the Camaro.

1. While I obviously, disagree with many who have posted on Camaro5, I really feel that the materials used for the Dash need improvement. Many scoff at the thought that a soft touch material should have been a part of the current design, I really believe that this needs to be reconsidered. I know that there are those who have basically stated that the type of material used was done so out of a concern for longevity of the vehicle. And that may well be true.

However, proper maintenance of the interior would also go a long way in alleviating that concern. When you look at the 2010 Mustang, you will note that Ford went from a hard plastic dash cover to one made of soft pliable material. Looking at the current Malibu, the new Lacrosse, and the upcoming Regal, you see use of a soft material as the main covering for the dash. That, to me at least, exudes richness of quality.

The 2010 Camaro, has taken quite a hit from the automotive press as a result. I believe that at one point many interiors were designed with a consideration of what is called a “touch point”, where the owner or passenger, touches various surfaces inside the automobile. Not everyone in this market is a racing junkie. Many are savvy consumers who look at this as a very obvious “impression” left on whomever sits in or owns one of these cars.

2. Sun Visors, the current design is minimalist at best. They are small hard plastic, devices, which appear very cheap. To appeal to a broader range of customers (i.e. the female buyer) a better softer and higher quality design would be worth the effort. The lack of a lighted mirror in these is also highly sought by many consumers.

3. Fully powered passenger seat. While this hasn’t been an issue for me, many have expressed the need for adding this. Shorter stature people need this adjustability function.

4. During one of the meet and greets which I was able to attend, much was said about the complexity of the electrical systems in these cars and how they basically add to the complexity of various options packages. While this isn’t something about which the average consumer would have a concern, it seems like there should be some means of standardizing the overall wiring plans to allow greater flexibility during the manufacturing process, thereby reducing cost and complexity of the vehicle.

5. More timely availability of accessory parts. Much had been made at the front end about the availability of accessory parts for the Camaro. The competition makes a lot of upgrades available very quickly after a vehicle introduction. The obvious financial constraints that GM was going through really threw a wrench in this. This needs to be fixed. The typical hobbyist and most owners would love to be able to individualize their cars. Personalization has been a real boon for Ford, Toyota, and Honda. Big bucks can be made at the parts counter.

6. Better interior lighting is needed. The back seat, while used very infrequently, is like a cavern due to poor lighting.

7. The “WOW” factor. When the Ambient lighting was first announced, it was designed as such to extend across the dash. Loss of this by the time of production was a huge disappointment to many. I realize there were validation issues and perceived visual issues, but on the other side of the coin, there is a light brightness control. Owners can adjust to their own level of comfort. In addition, there should be an option of being able to turn ABL off while not changing instrumentation lighting levels.
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My .02 I love this car the only thing I would change is make the manual passanger seat a power seat like the driver side.
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1. Z/28
2. Move the cupholders
3. Ambient lighting across the dash
4. Factory Painted Stripes
5. Functioning Mailslot
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Most of what everyone has mentioned, I would include. I'd also like to see more differentation for the RS package. Maybe add a RS-specific grille. Definitely add a body colored shark fin to go with the drip rails. I'd like to see RS-specific 20s too. And dark "competition grey" finish available for the 19s and 20s. The midnight finish is too light, it looks like the polished wheels got dirty. It goes without saying a "track pack" style upgraded suspension is needed for the SS, but how about an upgraded suspension for the V6 cars? It could be tied in to RS or 2LT options. As far as interior, its mostly right. I would just change that steering wheel, its ugly and cheap looking. And I'd like to see ABL not just on the dash, but all the way around the acrylic panel's edges on the doors too. I'd also like to see a white leather seat option and/or with houndstooth inserts. There should be a 3LT/3SS upgrade interior with some of the bits from the concepts from SEMA. How about an Alacantra interior? And soft leather wrapped dash and doors like on the 3LT Corvette. GM might be tempted to drop the LS, but I think they need to keep it, but I would add the ability to add some more options to it like heritage stripes and the rear spoiler. I'd make the fog lamps available too. I'd like to see the steel wheels painted silver or body color like the old Camaros had. I'd also like to see another style steelie, the 5 slot rally wheel that was available in the 60s/70s. And make Synergy Green available for all models, its too good a color to be had on just one model. And speaking of colors, add some heritage colors like Hugger Orange, Butternut Yellow, Polo Green, etc. as limited edition colors. Change em out every year or so.
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I'd like to see the following long-term (6th Gen Camaro) changes:

1) 3200-3400 lb. curb weight.
2) Carry-over some exterior design elements from the 5th gen...for continuity.
3) Power driver & passenger seats, incuding power height/lumbar adjust in the LS.
4) Factory installed painted ground effects option.
5) More factory wheels and stripe options.
6) Better fuel efficiency...I dream of a 35 MPG V-6 powered car with 300+hp.
7) Optional handling package.
8) Retain dual exhaust in all models.
9) Retain center cup holders...I won't buy a vehicle without them.

Thanks for listening.
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Provide your input for the upcoming Camaro Disciples Meeting

Agree with everything that has been posted. Would like to have for both the Manual/Automatic transmissions consoles ambient lighting see what gear we are in.

At this time I would like to thank GM, everyone in Canada for the wonderful job all of you have done with this fine American Icon. Thank you all here on Camaro5 for your patients with all my questions without your help probably would have ended up with a very different Camaro than the one I am driving now.

All my best,


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First off, if it was any other car besides the Camaro, I NEVER WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE CAR DUE TO THE HIGHLY ANNOYING AFM LURCHES AND DROANS. There...I feel better. This is my third Camaro, and I love them, but AFM needs to have user adjustability if it has to be on the car.

Can I pleeease have a place to put sunglasses and spare change, beside some generic hole.

Full ABL, fully adjustable power passenger seat should be the norm.

Get rid of the 15 yr old styled radio. Its actually embarrassing.

After reading this entire thread so far, I see mostly interior changes and improvements, and very little exterior changes requested. Just my observation.

Thanks for listening.
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I agree with FOC... Nav screen is a must now a days instead of having some generic gps sitting on your dash and having put it away all the time. If your going to have Nav you have to have a back up camera even though I think the sensors work pretty good.

Other than that I think the exterior is solid and shouldn't really be altered. But the interior could use more customization options (i.e. colors, layout, gauge look, HUD, etc.)
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well i would like to add to the list of things i would like to see on the new Camaro.
First off i love my car, there isnt a day that i do not appreciate the craftmanship that went into this car. But since version 1 is out its time to make modifications and these mods are based off of my opinion.

1. All Season Tires- To me the camaro is being sold globaly why would this not be a given.

2. Interior Lighting- Not enough of the interior lighting , theres not a light in the glove department or even in the center counsel.

3. Ambient Lighting- This should be clear across the dash and in the doors at least, next they need to incorporerate the foot well lighting.

4. Blind Spots- It is very difficult to see when merging i would like to see something that addresses this issue. I have read there are sensors that can be put in place to help this, along with a rear camara from the factory.

5. Navigation system- Should be a upgrade option where it is truley a navigation

6. HUD- Do i need to say more about this i cant really even see the retro speedo and tach in my 2LT.

7.Door Seals- i was expecting me spending close to 30k on a car they would have some of the animinities.

8. Seat Belt- retract faster

9. button Illumination on garage door opener buttons, and by door handle.

10. Power Seats on both sides and seat and mirror memory function.

11. Higher quality of interior Leather and parts.

12. Something that makes this interior "pop", maybe a simple idea of camaro projecting lights from door, or even Camaro emblem that illuminates when ambient lighting comes on.

13. I beleive there should be a functionable RAM Air with the V8 Mail slot.

14. Individual upgradeable features as in gears,transmission, HID Fog lights, and Dove tail. Drop the 40 pound exhaust, make shorties and longs avaliable with CAI options.
And PLan ahead so they dont get into a back order log.

15. Marketable parts avaliable when Camaro is released.

16. Paint is really to thin and should be addressed its ridiculious on getting a new car and have the paint already have issues.

17. Be nice to have more metallic options

18. Id love to see the T-tops option and if there is a sunroof it would recess inside the car.

I know it may seam like i am complaining but trust me i am not, these are just some things that would be good to address and improve on. Yet everyone has a good fairy thought and they all can't be addressed.

Thank you for your time and efforts to address the millions of comments.
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I love my Camaro and would buy another in a "heartbeat" without one change. That being said, these are some improvements I would suggest:

Seats - Memory, fully adjustable passenger, adjustable lumbar support, better seat belt shoulder strap holder that doesn't unsnap so easily, entire seat moves forward when tilting the seat back forward for rear seat access, option for heated cloth seats.

Gas cap & fuel door - Leave the door on the passenger side. I like not having to worry about opening my door into the curb or pump protector poles. The hook is useless for the gas cap and the plastic cable that is used is way too stiff and binding. Incorporate a full cradle like on my 1994 Silverado's gas cap door. I don't like to push on the paint, especially when it's dirty, to open the gas cap door. Please add an interior door release.

Interior lighting needed in the glove box, foot wells, visor mirror for the wife, and map lights on the rear view mirror.

Homelink garage door opener included in the C & C package. Raised and lighted buttons also.

Heated steering wheel and shifter option

Remote start option for manual transmissions with safety feature that only works if the transmission in in neutral and the parking brake is engaged.

Push button start. It's hard to get the key in the current ignition slot without bending and looking behind the steering wheel.

Paint definitely chips to easily.

Expandable visors when they are used on the side.

Cup holders should be deeper or moved - if a large drink is in the current holders, it makes shifting very awkward with the manual.

Thank you for the opportunity to offer suggestions
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My recommendations would include:
Interior lighting relocation(bottom of the RVM)
Reading lights in the back seat
Relocation of the cup holders for the 6Spd.
ABL/gauge cluster light color to match the exterior...
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Please keep the interior the same. I love it and it stand apart from the supposedly "Goodlooking" Challenger interior. Which is terrible.
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