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3 temp gauges, 3 different readings

So with the console gauge pack we have 3 engine temp gauges. All three of mine show different readings. The digital one in the information center says 192F. The one in the gauge pack says about 220F. The small one under the speedomter is between the middle and the next gradation cooler side. I’m assuming that the engine doesn’t have 3 temp gauges. Does anyone else running into this? Is it normal?

Sometimes more information is not always the best :P

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Well one is an engine coolant temp (digital), the other is your oil temp (gauge pack), and the one on your dashboard is based off your coolant, but is the least accurate. Coolant temps will differ from oil temps. ~220 for oil temps is about right and as long as your not breaking 200 degrees for your ECTs (engine coolant temps) you're ok.

A lot of people will say when your ECTs are warmed up, the car is warmed up. Another handful will tell you they gauge their car being warmed up based on the oil temps. IT's your call really, I meet in the middle of that.

Hope this helps.

PS-when it comes to info in your car, there's NEVER enough info haha
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you shouldnt have an engine coolant temp guage in your 4 pack guages. There is engine oil temp, trans temp, batt voltage, oil pressure. But 192 is pretty common for a factory thermostat, thats what mine says also.
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