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Nicole (& Dave!)
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I'm way down in south Louisiana, and my Camaro saw a little snow (very unusual) here
on Feb. 12th!
No pics of my car with snow, it couldn't accumulate after I drove it and warmed up the car. Cold, parked cars had some.
Saints won the Superbowl, and hell definitely froze over!
(Glad to see a V6 in that commercial.)
2010 Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro
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Camaro Lives On
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Originally Posted by IndyDave View Post
We are sick of the "S" word here in Indiana. I'll watch the commercial in July!
amen to that!!
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Amen brother!! Ice is no fun, snow you can play and have some fun, ice is a thril ride that seems to never end, well unless you meet that tree or pole.

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You'll NEVER see my baby in those conditions. I know the Camaro is capable of many things, and I give credit for it's performance & handling. However, this video really doesn't show the car in everyday driving conditions. I'm sure it's not as easy to get around in that kind of snow if you're travelling on a hill, or with other drivers around you. It's very easy, for any car, to "plough" through snow like that, when the terrain is flat and never ending without obstacles around.

That's just my opinion, but for those who do drive in the winter I hope you treat your car with the upmost respect, and PLEASE use high quality snow tires.
(Drive Safely & Responsibly)

(April 23, 2018)
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Originally Posted by ron10 View Post
now see,you done went and made all those california guys mad.they can't play in the snow.

Not funny, needless to say we are out by the pool with a drink in our hand enjoying the warm weather as we speak.
Awaiting to order SSRS Convertible & arrival when available.
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Just come to Buffalo and try it. I see a lot of Camaros driving around over the winter.

I used to drive my 88 IROC Camaro all year round and with 200lbs in the trunk it handled like a dream even though the front end was more like a shovel than anything.

Snow isn't that hard to drive in once you get used to it. You southern states that never get snow drive 3mph in a half inch of snow. When we get 6-10 inches of snow, we still drive the speed limit
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Looks like fun, but my Camaro is not for that purpose. If I wanted that I would’ve bought a sled instead. I have a landcruiser for the snow, rain and off road fun.
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Originally Posted by View Post
I am failing to see what is so impressive. It is not like it is handling turns, making sudden stops, or pulling out on snow covered climbs. Almost any vehicle can plow through a snow field with momentum and all season tires. Now if they would slap some Blizzaks on it and take it around a snow ring, that would be entertaining. I'd rather have a RWD with winter tires over a FWD with winter tires any day.

Also, as far as being harmful, snow is no different than rain, or humidity in the is the salt that becomes the problem.
i was thinking the same exact thing. Alot of quick clips and editing. The troubles most ppl would encounter with snow aren't tested here in this video. I myself, from Missouri, have had quite a few snow and ice days. I took my camaro out once in the snow/ice on a 10% grade hill. I came down the hill fine! LOL getting up the next hill was the problem. Got about 100 yards and quickly got stuck. After 30 minutes of spinning and rocking it miraculously came off the curb it had rolled back into and i let gravity help me do a reverse about face and go back home. But getting back up the hill i came down caused my car to spin again. There was so much torque on my back end. Any amount of gas i gave it just spun me out.I finally figured out that all i needed to do was just let off the brake the idle was enough horsepower to crawl me up the hill at 1 mile an hour. 100 yards at 1 mile an hour....never again.
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You have to get the snow tires and maybe thinner rims because with my 20's rs rims i cant get my camaro to move even on 2 inch snow. I'm serious one day I was running late to work and when I stepped outside I noticed it had snowed 2 inches. My second car the Nissan altima was covered with snow and wasn't warmed up and my camaro which I park under a roof was totally clean. I figured I had to take the Maro because the to dig out the Altima and warm it up I would be too late for work. I jumped in the totally clean snow free camaro and just like everyone told me I couldn't even get down the street. I tried using low rpm and it still wasn't working I had NO traction on flat ground, so it was that moment I decided snow driving was not for my Camaro. I was late for work that day but I didn't crash my camaro.
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i guess I don't know much about these tires. I didn't know there was much of a difference with the RS rims. You mean the RS's are wider?
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Sask-man from Sask
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I would'nt call that snow! driving in a strait line, no tree's, curbs, other cars, ice under it...put it on a real street with ice, thick packed snow that will snap an airdam off in seconds, moguls of hard packed snow to toss the car around like a salad spinner, and starting and stopping in city traffic...that would be "Camaro doesn;t handle in snow?" This is just any car driving in 2 inches of powder
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Why on earth is that camaro plowing through the snow?
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Angrybird 12
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That looked like fun, It reminds me of the time My son and I took our 86 Fiero out to an empty parking lot after a snow and did donuts, we had traffic stopping on the road that paralleled the parking lot... That was so much fun!.
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...
The Bird is the word!
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