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V6 or V8?

Alright, I'm sure this has been asked countless times before, and we've all realized the potential of the new V6 Camaro. Here's what I want to know, will it be better for me in the long run (in the sense of doing aftermarket changes) to buy the V6 or the V8. When I say V8 I mean LS3 and V6 I mean L99. As a rule of thumb the V8 would be a natural because one would think that a high powered powertrain could only get more powerful. However, the V6 has me thinking twice. From what I've been hearing the V6 is a lot more of wide open sandbox as far as aftermarket changes go, and in the end could ultimately surpass the V8 in performance. Of course, I may just have my fact out of line, and if I do please forgive me, I'm only restating what I've been hearing through the grapevine. Thanks.
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Mr. Wyndham
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Well...first off, there's two things you need to take into account.

#1, the engine 'names' are as follows :

Manual V8 = LS3
Automatic V8 = L99 (basically an LS3 with AFM)
Auto/Manual V6 = LLT

and #2; generally speaking (what you said above, just different words)--If you take V8 and a V6, and pump the same amount of money into both, the V8 will still produce more power. How much more depends on what you actually do to them...

The V6 is equipped with Direct Injection, which opens up new possibilities. Until the aftermarket gets ahold of the car, though -- I wouldn't know what to tell you in regards to potential. What does everyone else think?
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Depending on the aftermarket compatibility with Direct Injection this could go either way. If you get the LS3, expect immediate (as in months) aftermarket support. If you go with the 3.6L, I would venture to guess you could get a few small mods within the first six months, with much larger stuff the following year as they crack the codes for the D/I engine.
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JiXeR'z DoDgE/FoRd KiLLeR
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Get the SS LS3 man! If you can afford it it would be wrong if you don't right...
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Old 09-16-2008, 07:33 AM   #5
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Oh it's an LLT? My mistake I was under the impression that the L99 was for for the V6 as well as the V8, but in retrospect that doesn't make much sense, lol . Hm, but the V8 is multi-port isn't it? Wouldn't the multi-port be a whole lot better in the long run than direct injection? Of course, money isn't an object I just don't want to buy my super sport V8 only to outrun by a petty V6 with humongous amounts of aftermarket tuning that I couldn't otherwise put in mine, know what I mean?
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Isnt there a reason they make the V6 and V8 the way that they do. If you mod a v6 that much, wouldnt that cut down on the life of the LLT?
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Consider the following;

- your budget
- insurance
- need

The easy answer is, if you can afford it, go for the SS/hence V8. But if cost is an issue, based on what I've seen so far, the V6 is nothing to sneeze at.

I'm sure there will be a market (aftermarket) for both, so decide which works better for you, V8 v. V6, and base your decision on that.
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waiting for 5th gen
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def. V8
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V8 ultimately will have the most potential. If your criteria is strictly based off of which engine will have more potential for the price then The Camaro SS is your ride.

Now if you're looking at something more affordable with better fuel efficiency, lower insurance rates, or a more practical daily driver, then the Camaro V6 is probably what you would want to look into.

I'm actually planning on getting a fully loaded Camaro LT (6spd manual) w RS package, just because it's going to be my daily driver, and i'm going to want something that will still get decent mileage but I'm definitely planning on doing some mods to it (like CAI, Headers, Cat-back, tune) if and when those mods eventually become available...
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The DI is more efficient than the MPFI because it atomizes the fuel more completely thereby making it easier to combust. What that amounts to is there is more engery produced from that fuel.

IMHO, right now, in terms of aftermarket support, the V8s have the advantage. A lot of what has worked on on past LSX engines can work on this one. The heads and intake are the biggest diversion from the LS1, however, the ports on LS3s are so huge that they rival CNC ported numbers from LS1/2/6 heads. In addition, I'm sure the LS3 is easier to work-on and modify because it's just a simpler design; it's not DOHC like the 3.6. The LS3 will always make better torque which'll move the car better.

I say, given your situation, if you can afford the V8, go with it. It probably wouldn't hurt to check out some LLT sites too if you haven't. I know there's a lot of untapped potential, but I admittedly don't know as much about that engine yet.
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Alright, that's what I was hoping to hear. I want my Camaro to be as fast as possible, and I wanted to know if that meant the difference between buying a V6 or a V8. Again, money is NOT an object, this car is my first and only priority (I'm about to go to college with tuition and what not covered completely) so I want it to show that I have a powerful car. The main thing that I'm trying to ask is: hypothetically, if I put all that I could possibly cram into a V8 and all I could possibly cram into a V6 regardless of costs, which one would ultimately come out on top? Of course there's no 100% way to know, because it's just speculation and aftermarket could provide a wealth of unknown things for both, but it never hurts to make guesses right ; )?
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Jayhawk USN
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For raw, unadulterated speed, get the V8. For economy and competitive speed, get the V6. Both are ridiculously impressive for what will be charged, and both will look impressive.
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get the v12
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Back in Black
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Originally Posted by 5th_GEN_SS View Post
get the v12
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