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Old 03-11-2007, 06:50 AM   #1
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Bowties, Ovals or Rams, Which and Why?

I was kinda of curious, and I thought it might make a good thread as to what the motivation is of the people who visit this site. Well, of coarse majority of the visitors are going to be Camaro fanatics or chevy enthusiaist, so type it up and let everyone know, Camaro guy, Mustang guy(checking out the competition), car enthusist or whatever else your reason may be let everybody know?
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Mr. Wyndham
I used to be Dragoneye...
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I wouldn't call myself a Camaro fanatic(makes me sound crazy), but maybe enthusiast.
I generally like cars-I think that they're the best invention(with the exception of medicine)in the history of the world. I also appreciate GM more than the other companies simply because they make better cars, both sporty and family. However, I like the big three because they are the original Car companies in the USA.

As to why I visit this site, kudos to Tran and MarkLS2-this site is easily the easiest of the Camaro sites to navigate and seem to have more of a friendly atmosphere. I am thirsty for any Camaro news-as I really plan to buy one, and this site provides it.

Good thread Cornhead.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather

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GM all the way. I've only owned GM vehicles so far...6 of'em. Why? Personally, every Ford I have gotten into had some problem or knee resting up against the center console, the seat feeling like I was sitting on a milk crate, poor styling (interior-Ford Escape we were looking at). GM has always put out attractive vehicles and have priced them well. They are the peoples brand and take care of their customers. Plus, their vehicles are seriously well built. Depending on GM, I will most likely continue to buy GM vehicles throughout my lifetime.
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GM Powertrain Retired
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BOW TIE all the way every day!!!
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Sort of a difficult question for me. I mean i have always loved the Camaro and always wanted one, but could never afford one. By the time I could afford one they killed the line. However I have always been more partial to Chevy in general for the most part. When i was looking for a new truck Ford or Dodge never even crossed my mind.

Honestly, I am not sure why i have such a strong loyalty to Chevy. My first car was actually a Ford, an '87 Bronco II to be exact. I put that thing through hell and back and it kept on running! Had almost 160,000 mles on it before the rod and bearings began to go, so i had to get rid of it. I loved that thing!

The only class I am not completely sold on with Chevy is their 'small car' line. I am not a big fan of the Cobalt or the Aveo, and that is why i looked elsewhere when we had to buy a new 'beater' car. Other than that... I wouldn't even think to look elsewhere when buying a new car.
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Well, my Dad and grandfather were always "Chevy Guys".

Then, when I was 13, my Dad came home with my Aunt's '75 Camaro and handed me the keys. :eek: Talk about a surprise.....and frustration!!! Spent alot of time driving it around the back yard 'til I got my liscense.

That was the first of 5 Camaro's I've owned.

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Cmon you guys hafta give ford credit for circling the problem. BTW... CHEVY!!!
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Growning up a chevy guy I have been subject to alot of ridicule in my family seeing as how one side is mopar loyal and the other ford. My first car was a hand me down Camaro from my brother when i turned 16. A brown rusted 87 v6, damn i loved that car. Ever since nothing but Chevy's me also. The reason behind it all (aside from my rebelious nature ha) Has always been the availabilty of parts, relative ease to work on(besides plugs on the 4th Gen), and the fact that i have driven each i have owned very hard and with maintainence each still runs...CamaroFanatic/ChevyEnthusiaist
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Future Camaro Owner
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Most of my life I only drove GM products. My family and my wife's family are both generally GM buyers, and some have worked for GM. I never considered buying anything else until I drove the Sport Trac. I bought one in 2003 and love it every time I drive it. Am I a Camaro fan? Yes. Do I typically like GM more than Ford or Dodge? Yes. However, Dodge has had some great styling in the past few years, and the Mustang is a nice car as well. I want to have the Camaro when it is released, but I would also like to have a Mustang. I'm more a fan of American cars rather than GM cars.
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GM blood runs in these veins… Passed down from fathers to son.

Furthermore, I would call myself an automobile enthusiast. As a result, I can appreciate all types of vehicles, from ricers to the “Pure Blooded Motown Iron”.
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I've always just thought GM's vehicles were more attractive than Ford or Dodge/Chrysler. (Though in the last couple years Chrysler has come out with the 300, Charger, Calber and now the Avenger which I like. And Ford's Fusion is attractive as well.) That, and I had to drive a 1988 Escort for a job that I had and HATED that car.

My interest in Chevrolet and Camaro is all my parents fault actually. When they were looking for my first car (yeah, my parents bought me my first car, spoiled brat here) they pretty much refused to buy me anything but a sporty car (I just wanted a car and didn't really care). They looked at Camaro's mostly (though I did like the Firebird also).

The bus dropped me off from school one day, and there was my 1982 Berlinetta sitting in the driveway that they'd gotten without me knowing anything about it.

So, obviously, I became a Camaro fan and you HAVE to consider the Mustang an enemy if you're a 'real' Camaro fan. LOL So that doomed Ford for me.
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I have always been a pure hard chevy fan. ever since I was a little kid and my dad and grandad had a bunch of Camaro's, they have always been my favorite ride. So when I got my license I had to have a Camaro, I wanted one as nice as my dads 73 if not nicer. So me and dad found a 92 Z28 and we made it a Father son Camaro, so I think that is another reason I love Camaro's so much because they bought me and my dad close over the years. But it seems the older I get the more we fight. But we got the car done and I did not want to drive it every day so I really liked the S-10. So after my Camaro was paid for I got one a lowered it a did some work to it. Now I run it in the winter and my Camaro in the summer. The Camaro only has insurance in the summer that is how much I love my chevy's. I think it all matters how you are raised, if your parents like chevy's your gonna like chev's. But there are sometimes a few exceptions.
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