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'price gouging' is it under or over the table

question if a dealer asks 10thousand above sticker .do we give him a seperate check or does he finance it in total cost. just wondering if they claim that money to IRS .or is it under the table.and what would you do if he wants that 10g,s seperate.i would nail him to the wall .just saying .this is just a general question...i just want to know how that works just incase a dealer would try that .im not paying that .i just want to know if the dealer is getting that extra 10g,s with out the IRS knowing . because i would love to set them up for tax new car owners have to stick together when something new and hot comes out and f@#k these dealers where it hurts .just like they did with that neighborhood that charger is still sittting there at 15g,s above sticker

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You are going to pay 10k over sticker? You are out of your mind.
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Originally Posted by GoldFire View Post
You are going to pay 10k over sticker? You are out of your mind.
there are plenty of dealers selling at MSRP.

look through this thread and see if you can find a dealer near you.
MSRP or below dealers
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OP - Thats a scam.
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10 grand under the table??? Holy crap! I want to sell you something...
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Not That sad..considering
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you can get the whole thing financed, if that is the sticker on the car, if the dealer can charge that in your area a bank wont mind the loan for that amount. not that you should pay 10k over sticker
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Don't pay it!

I don't care if you have a billion dollars in the bank. Spending more than MSRP is a waste of money that you shouldn't have to do. Go to another dealership, or learn to negotiate more aggressively. Don't ever take a dealer's price as granted unless that price is what you have researched to be MSRP or less. Good dealer to get to know on this site are KarlChev and CamaroScotty.

To answer your question, price gouging is over the table. The dealer can charge anything for a car. Retail is not enforced by law or regulations.
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Tell that dealer to shove it! You can find a dealer who will sell you the car for under sticker, I have no doubt

GM's goal is 100k/yr in sales. So, they are going to be building Camaros. On an assembly line. Quickly. Which means there will be plenty to choose from.

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10k over sticker
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