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Jayhawk USN
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Originally Posted by KungFuHamster View Post
I'm a former Camaro/Firebird guy. i have lots of respect for the F-bodies. However its been my experience that if someone (esp if that someone drives a car with a Blue Oval on it) disagrees with a Bowtie guy its taken as "an attack".

i was actually defending a post on our forum where a guy claimed to have beaten down one of yalls cars by 3 1/2 cars....because while i agreed he may have beaten the car, i didnt agree with the amount he beat him.
i like to learn about "the dark side" that way i can make a better informed decision when/if i have the opportunity to run one of you guys and what not. ya dig?
We actually want to extend a welcome to Ford and Dodge guys especially. You guys have great cars. We want to share our forum with people who have great cars and want to enjoy some great car discussion.

It's good to have you among us.
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Blackend SS
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Cam 427
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Da Hose
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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post

I'd bet $100 that you smile like that all the time, even in your sleep... and you don't snore when you sleep, you giggle.

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#1 Camaro

#2 Mustang

Dodge doesn't deserve a vote.
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Next is SS camaro.....
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wow lol vote spam. VOTE MUCH?
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Amazingly I was quicker about voting for this than the Presidential Election
Formerly owner of:

2012 2SS/RS Build Thread - Totaled by red light runner

2010 LT/RS Build Thread - Traded in for 2012 2SS

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Who the hell looks at msnbc anyhow? Their reporting is never right. I bet there voting system adds two or three votes to the side they want to win for every vote from the side they don't want to win.
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Originally Posted by iwantacamaro View Post
one of the comments where you can opt to say another muscle car, someone put nissan 350z...
Someone else put a Prius...

A LOT of the comments on that page are oh well, that's what you get from the internet lol
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