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This guy is my favorite motor head by far. He does all the Barrett-Jackson auctions for SPEED, and is the only NASCAR announcer worthy of succeeding the great Ken Squire in my opinion.

SPEED was discusssing the origin of the Goat name for the Pontiac GTO. I'm sure Mike's right, as usual. I had emailed that Mike is motor head extroidinare, and he emailed me back. Thanks again, Mike Joy!


As told by Jim Wangers at a seminar at the GTOAA National Convention in 2008, he stated the name GOAT was conceived when the letter "A" was added to the letters G-T-O to form a word from the GTO abbreviation. The advertising gimmick was not well received by the GM brass as they didn't like the GTO name sake linked to an animal. Be that as it may, the name GOAT stuck. Despite how many versions there are of the way the name GOAT came to be, Jim Wangers version is the official one.


Thanks for the EXPANDED, GREAT, HD coverage! Mike Joy is motor head extraordinaire. Thanks Mike, and all of SPEED.



Thanks Daniel,

Jim had a great deal to do with the launch of the GTO, and with the promotion of the car to the public.

However, "goat" was NOT a term of endearment. No GTO owner called his car a goat. Owners of rival cars called them that, and the name crept into the car magazines of the day, and stuck.

Now its considered an affectionate nickname.

While Jim is properly credited with "Little GTO" and GeeTo Tiger", I think this one is a stretch, but that's just my opinion.

Mike Joy

BTW, Mike was talking about how much he missed his BLUE 1971 Camaro, with white stripes! Hint, hint, GM. See Mike and crew at 6pm est today on SPEED or at, LIVE from Las Vegas Barrett Jackson auction!
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