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One other thing I noticed is lots of glare from the speedo and tach during the day due to the poor design and the rim of the steering wheel blocks them when tilted to a driving position.
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I don't have any problem with the interior in mine. Personally I think GM hit a home run with the current design of the interior. I really like the design of the steering wheel. On most Chevys they use a steering wheel that is also used in other cars. The Camaro has it's own unique wheel. Same goes for the speedo and tach. I like how they have the 60's type styling. In my opinion when they upgrade the interior they should only make the changes standard on the 2LT and 2SS and then have the upgrades be an option on the LS, 1LT, and 1SS. That way people like me who think the interior is fine won't have to pay for the extra price of the upgraded interior.
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Well they are probably redesigning the whole thing. There aren't any cars that have two different dash boards. The Corvette has a leather option, but that's not what this is. I doubt there will be a spike in the price of the car.
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Originally Posted by Parker70 View Post
I was referring to the one on the front page of this website associated with this article.

Sorry, knew that but was trying to say that maybe it might not look at all like that one.

My wife doesn't understand me either sometime


" I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them" -John Wayne "The Shootist"
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Here are the interior problems the way I see it:

The fr***en Ford Fiesta has it! WTF!!

Cheap plastic on door panels. Tap the material and it sounds cheap like a thin low quality design.

Cheap plastic look on rear view mirror. Texture looks like something from the 80's.

No passenger power seat option. Is the car that budget that we don't even have a choice.

Steering wheel is a bit ugly.
As people have already discussed, not the greatest.

Overall the interior is pretty good. Better than the Mustang and Challenger. Not quite as good as the Hyundai Genesis Coupe though.

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I have no problems with my interior or dash in my 2SS. I think it's great actually. Out of the 40 or so cars I have owned, some have been GM - a '97 WS.6 M6 and the rest Japanese and Euro. I have been continually disappointed in GM interiors over the years and wished they would adopt some quality. After renting a few GM cars in the last few years and being pretty much blown away by the exterior design of the Camaro, I took it for a test drive. I just kept saying "wow" and drove home with it a few hours later.

Some people have mentioned that the dash is hard plastic and has a "hollow sound" when you tap on it. Yep, that may be true, but I bet most people that complain don't own a new Camaro and WANT ONE. I personally have never spent much time tapping on my dash, and I think it looks GREAT. I have also heard that the car is heavy, needs "different" suspension (from a BMW driver who had not yet even SEEN a new Camaro), it has really tiny rear quarter windows, and oh yeah - only fat people own them or something.

None of these comments really bother me, because I get to drive this freaking awesome car every day, and my commute is a wicked fun road. I have 4000 miles of first-hand experience of how great this car is in every way, and I really respect my opinion. The interior on my '10 2SS is perfect, wouldn't change a thing. Which is great, since it's my car.

Here's a HUGE CHEERS to GM for building such a great car. I hope I never need to sell it. It hits all my muscle car desires right on the mark and has really calmed down my desire for a '69 Z/28 since this car is so accessible in ways that the classic Camaro would not be. I am seriously excited to have this car in my life, in case that did not come across.
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Originally Posted by Parker70 View Post
If the new interior is going to look like the one on the front page, then I'm extremely happy that I bought a 2010.
Err, yeah. That interior looks all wrong. It's real plain, and it doesn't look like you can reach half the console control buttons without knocking the car into a different gear.
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I will want to wait one more year! Hopefully a Z-28 with the new interior!!
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If you want an Audi interior, buy an Audi!

I have my 2010 Camaro already, so I don't care so much about future MY's, but I guarantee the overall cost would be alot more if you replace the interior with Audi materials.

Did GM miss the fact that their 2010 Camaro just won a crazy amount of awards? Of those were.... Best Design, and Best Road Trip vehicle.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

(Let the few cry babies whine about their interior, that's never been what drew the masses to the Chevy Camaro!)
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So GM shouldn't try to improve it's cars?
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Mr. Wyndham
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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So, then, they agree somewhat with the critisisms of the quality of material and/or design of the current Camaro interior?
I would guess the answer to that is both yes and no.

In terms of quality (fit/finish/etc) it's not lacking by any standards. No cracks, squeaks, etc across the broad spectrum of cars sold.

Design? Maybe...some people don't like it, but others do. They're well aware of what we think of it (constantly reading and talking to people at shows/focus groups/etc..... I love it, personally, but I think it's going to age VERY fast...

Material gets terms of quality -- it's very good. It wasn't cheap, and iirc, it was new material...designed to last. But...we've come to believe that all plastic is cheap. So, manufacturers must adapt to that, and the fact that much of the Camaro's interior is plastic is....a problem.

What we do know is they are responding to input. And are changing it...apparently.
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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Dash Blinker Lights

I cant see the blinker lights in my dash no matter how I adjust the wheel. People behind me think I'm driving in circles....literally!

Living Life
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To me its not such a long shot to think of so many changes coming for the 2012 model, i mean just look at Camaro heritage, the 67' was the first Camaro, then look 2 years ahead to the 69', pretty substantial differences.

As for the interior im pretty tired of all the whining, if GM can pull off "Audi quality" without increasing the price at all then more power too them, but if they're planning to bring the price along with their new standard then i vote nay. I like the interior as it is, its fun, good quality, very comfortable, and its affordable. What he said is close to exactly what ive been arguing against through the whole 5th gen run. We need LESS frills in muscle cars, this whole "muscle/luxury" thing is really wearing thin. People want their muscle cars at affordable prices but American companies are pushing the masses of customers away by adding a rediculous amount of luxury commodities that raise the price thousands of dollars and right out of the average buyer's price range.

I was pissed when i first saw a new Camaro going for $38k (respectivly with mark up), so what's this new "audi" interior going to bring? Camaros for the price of Corvettes and Corvettes for the price of Ferraris? Come on...our Muscle cars have always been about affordable performance for the masses, not just the super rich.
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Alright GM has not disappointed anyone with the sheetmetal form of the car and I can say that the interior has been no disappointment either. But then this isn't just any car is it....Well of course it's not. This car inspires the imagination and makes goose bumps on a hot moon lite summer night as it proweles the shadows between the street lights. It is hard and it is fast it is simple but what details it has are worth there location.
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