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Anyone else not happy with Yokohama Prada-SpecX's?

Hi all. Just replaced the rear tires on my SS with Prada-spec x tires (same sizing as the stock p-zero). Everyone on here had good reviews on them but I seam to be having problems. When pushing the car in turns my stabilitrac seams to be kicking in even though the rear end is not coming out. Never happend before even when pushing much harder. Im wondering if this could be because the front tires are at 30% tread with 100% tread rears? When doing some quick back and forth turns (like nascar heats up tires) the car just feels all over the place and kinda wishy washy. They seam to hook up fine in a straight line and look good. I was going to put the matching tires on the front in a few months but now unsure if I even want to keep the rears. Just wondering if im the only one.
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Since you only replaced the rear tires the car is going to be a little squirrelly in the back until the new tires scrub in. Plus a 20 profile tire is an awfully low profile. There's basically no sidewall to flex so unless the fronts match, the car isn't going to handle in a balanced manner; the fronts will track differently from the rears. Do you still have the stock 45 profile tires on the front?

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This is normal. The reason is the Yoko's have a harder thread (a higher UTQG rating) then the Pirelli's. This in turn causes less grip which is what you are experiencing.

For normal driving and the occasional spirited driving the Yoko's are great tires but if you are normally pushing the car like you are then softer tires are what you need.
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Wild Bill
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I use the Yoko's in the winter. I had them all winter long on the car. I love them. I found no differences in performance. However, I did not push the car to perform in winter weather.
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Drives: 98 camaro z28
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: pittsburgh, pa
Posts: 186
I will let them wear in some. If I had to desribe how they feel its just squirrelly overall. Even the mechanic, a friend of mine that drove the car before, said it felt like it wanted to go alittle side to side down the road, had to pay more attention to your steering. Before I could push the car to the limit just about, where it would start to understeer. Now i can only push it maybe 60% as hard, and feels like im getting oversteer. No where near understeer. The worst part is the stabilitrac kicking in when im barely above a "late-for-work" pace. I was down to the cords on the stock rears and they felt way more controlled...
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