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Old 07-12-2010, 07:28 AM   #155
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Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post

it's a UK based show. you can't even buy the mustang over there and i'm not sure you can buy the chally.
For sure you can't go to the main dealers to buy these sort of cars, but there are agents over here who sell Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers etc. It would be great if we had the choice of these sort of cars. I for one would queueing up for all three if I could. Besides which petrol costs so much I'm surprised anyone could afford to run cars in general over here.
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Just think of it this way. The camaro is so good that they have to move up to comparing it with a 80k car.
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Okie doke
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We all know that deep down Jeremy liked the car .. he has to put on his show of his dislike for american cars (but I bet he did like it .. lol) ..

Although I thought it would do better than what it did time wise, I think it showed more of what you get for the money compariing to a car that cost MUCH more than it.

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Why in God's name did Chevy pick the P-Zero to represent. Duh!
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Okie doke
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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
Good show, not necessarily a fair review but Hammy still would rather own the Camaro so that counts for something.... I think they were both autos...

And the suspension and transmission in the AMG are far better than the Camaro...

Not all that bad for the Camaro... All things Considered.

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Jay J
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Originally Posted by FifthGenRS/SS View Post
what a funny video they used a E63 in stead of a C63 because camaro would spank the shit out of the C63 lol the E63 is more like a CTS-V they just cant have an American car beat a Euro car it is like comparing a camaro aganst an M5 and not the M3 i have ran an M3 and beat it this video is
The C63 and E63 both use the same engine..If anything the E63 is slower, more weight to pork around...
And that 6.2L AMG motor is one of Ward's best engines but wait then again the Camaro won interior of the year which I thought should've gone to Audi
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Old 07-12-2010, 08:16 AM   #161
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I think it is good for the camaro to be compared to a superior and far more expensive car and only come out a little in the hole. Speaks to it's value. Even though they are very different it compares how we like to do muscle to how they like to do muscle. A lot of complaints about the performance differences but they care about more than just numbers on the show. Comfort, styling, execution and functionality are all very important. I think it showed the Camaro very favorably even in defeat. Should've opened some eyes across the pond.
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Not impressed, by the review of the camaro, the comparison or the show and it's ignorant remarks...maybe these twits need to burrow some sophistication from the Aussie's as well!
GM Forever!
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I am the Stig
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The euros have a very different definition of Muscle car. They think of it as an ordinary otherwise regular sedan (this merc) with a big engine crammed in it to have all kinds of power.

OUR definition of a muscle car is an inexpensive, easily upgradable/tuneable car that has a BIG baseline of power to start with.

I don't know why they compared the two because they're quite different cars. But I thought Hammond gave it a fair review. He DID say he'd have it!! Clarkson is always over the top opinionated though, even if he drove it and loved it, he'd never say it.

If you don't like the review. watch it on mute. The photography.... again.... is absolutely superb. These producers should be given every award in existance. They made the car look fantastic.
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They loved the car because it was not built by was built in Canada using 'bits' from Australia...Love how they rubbed that in.

I thought the review was fair, and in the end, Hammond wanted the SS.

I drive an M5 and compare it to an SS every day. If I did not have 2 kids, I would have an SS. But since the three of us like to experience uber fun mind bending accelleration, I drive a BMW. I personally find the new E-class and the odd looking headlights ugly.
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Way too many is getting all emotional about this.

I mean Jeremy owned Ford GT and named ZR1 as the best car of 2009 if we continue this he hates America stuff. He makes fun of every nation every other episode. Why should it bother anybody? It is entertaiment.

Top Gear is by far the most watched car related program for estimated +300 million viewers, but i doubt too many are watching it to decide what car they buy next.
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:06 AM   #166
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Quite a compliment for our Camaro! Take a stock $40,000 AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR and use it as THE yard stick to compare against, sports cars and exotics, that cost twice as much. The Camaros numbers are right there with them all, (within 10ths of a second). NOW ADD $35,000 IN PERFORMANCE PARTS to make it a dollar for dollar show and see what happens.

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Originally Posted by Imjaybird View Post
I would rather have two Camaro's vs one AMG any day!
me too bro!
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The review wasn't so bad, the comparison was a good thing, so it could be hold agains a higher standard manufacturer and a better car but it's when they gave the time away 1:27.9 they all started to laught like it was a big joke...sad. :(
When you look the the Power lap board the Camaro is on top of a lot of "better cars" and more expensive ones... and the ones it should be compared in it's category.

Here is the POwer lap board:

Track Day Videos:
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