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GT350 VS C6 Z06

Hey guys, Ive been having a conversation with a buddy of mine and I believe he is about as much as a Stang fan boy as you will get. The Z06 Corvette is a 505hp 3150lb car, and the new GT350 is a 550hp and 3950lbs car yet he INSISTS that it can compete or hang with a Z06

What do you guys think? He says that Motor-trend got the GT350 0-60 in 3.7 seconds which he says is the same as the Z06, and the 1/4 in 12 seconds flat. Think he's on crack to think that they can compete?
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one word, turn.
-John S.

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Thanks to:
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I think the Z would win but I don't think it would be by a big margin.

Just my gut feeling.

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Okie doke
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I think the car would hang with the Z06 pretty close straight or in the twisties ..

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Even in the 8th, close in the quarter with the edge going to the zo6. In the twisties, it would be close but again the vette would have the advantage.

Very few cars (and no fords besides the gt, coming from a mustang owner) have the top end of a vette zo6
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run him for 1000.00 and enjoy his money.
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The C6 Z06 will have the advantage. But the GT350 should hold its own very well.
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power to weight ratio and traction advantage both go to the Z06....I'm guessing the Z06 would win by an appreciable margin with similarly skilled drivers.
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Go Blue!!!!!
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Well the Z06 has 35 less hp, but gains about 80hp back due to the weight. That's good for about 4/10's in the quarter mile. ZO6 FTMFW!!!! This is asuming that both drivers are competent. A slip up by either and it's curtains for the other.
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Someone has gone 10.9 in a bone stock C6 Z06 (maybe even 10.8 I cant recall). Several have hit 10's with only a tire. 3100lbs and 505 horsepower. Trap ~125. I would say the GT350 would be around a half second slower with equal drivers.

Enough said as far as the 1320 goes. But then again...I am just guesstimating. In no way will it be its equal in the 1/4...thats for certain.
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Old 09-29-2010, 07:49 AM   #11

Drives: 2000 Mustang GT
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I am interested in what the 624hp GT350 will do performance wise though.
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Old 09-29-2010, 09:18 AM   #12
Drives: 2009 Cobalt SS/TC
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equal drivers and the Z will win everytime hands down. I am going to say the mustang tho refined will still have the same problems in a straight line the gt500 has. To much power and to much weight to try and push it of the line relitively fast and efficient. The z06 won't have to fight as hard to get traction do to the less weight and bigger tires. The Z has gone 11.0 100 percent stock and like said above j think 10.75 it was on drag radials only.
2009 Cobalt SS/TC: 10.89 at 133mph
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Philippians 4:13
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I think the GT350 would hang well with tracktion. I have a few buds with blown stangs and they are in the 11's. All depends on traction. I do not thick that thing will have as high as a trap speed as a z06.
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Old 09-29-2010, 11:46 AM   #14
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I think The GT350 more of just a special collectors car than your typical everday Zo6.

The performance of the GT350 IMO wont really justify the price. With that said, the GT350 will be able to "hang" but the z06 should be a bit faster still.
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