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2010 v6 camaro swap into thirdgen

Hi, im IROC-stangs from tgo, anyhow someone has brought up the topic of swapping the 3.6 from a 2010 camaro into a thirdgen. And i want to here some thoughts on doing this as the swap seems intresting and FUN!

2010 camaro v6
weight - 3750
0-60 - 6.0 secs
1/4 mile - 14.2
redline - 7k
horsepower - 312
torque - 273
transmission - 6 speed stick
brakes - 12.6 (F) 12.4 (R)
MPG - 29

Would your best bet be finding one out in the JY? considering i would imagine you would be able to use the engine, brakes, tranny, and rear end? would the swap be pretty identical to doing a ls1 swap but it just being a v6 and diffrent mounts? What about guages? What about cost?

and low 13's should be possible since supposely, 100lbs reduction is good for .10 in the quarter and if the thirdgen weight is going be around 3k then thats about 8 secs off the quarter mile time. What do you think the top speed would be with the speed limiter removed (assuming there is one). Is 35mpg resonable considering weight diffrence as long as you keep your foot out of it?

And how much would the basic mods (exhuast/cold air) help with the numbers, Thanks.

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Hey buddy, how is it going?

I don't want to sound like Mr. Negativity here, but I highly doubt if you are going to find a new Camaro in the junkyard with a good motor in it that you could just unbolt out of one car and bolt into the other.

The problem isn't with getting it to fit, it is with getting it to work.

That new generation V6 motor has a lot of electronics's that has to be there to make it run. There isn't any way for you to just take the computer out of the one car and bolt it in the other car and have it run.

By the time that you bought everything and made everything to make it work, you could have bought two crate motors and a nitros system.

If you want a new generation Camaro - the best bet is to either buy one off the showroom floor or buy one of their kit cars where they sell you the chassis separate and you can purchase parts as you wish off the parts counter or junkyard to make it work.

The only problem there is - that it will not conform to the clean air act and you will not be able to get a title for the vehicle, hence you could not drive it on the public highways.

That would probably be a similar issue with swapping a new motor into a old chassis. It wouldn't pass emissions.
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