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Originally Posted by baclarsen View Post
Dude, you go through cars faster than I go through underware!!
1000 Initial Order 9/14/2009 - Classic Chevy Sugar Land
1100 Order accepted at dealer: 9/15/2009 - NPGV41.
2000 Order accepted by GM: 9/29/2009
3000 Accepted By Production Control: 9/30/2009 - TPW 10/26/09
3100 Sequenced:10/12/09
3300 Scheduled For Production:10/13/09
3400 Broadcast:10/22/09
3800 Produced:10/27/09
4000 Available To Ship:10/28/09
4200 Shipped:10/29/09
5000 Delivered To The Dealer:11/09/09
6000 Delivered To Customer:11/12/09
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Very cool!!! Enjoy the ride!
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Wow, good for you, congrats and enjoy your free ride!!!!!
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Congrats man! This is awesome!
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Congrats you lucky S.O.B
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WAAAAY awesome!!

I entered that contest too. I guess I didn't win. :(

I'm glad I got to find out who won though...

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way to cool........i never win
The boys car...2LT/RS
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That's awesome! I hope you enjoy the hell out of that bad boy! I'm hoping I can win one before I'm done with college, if not, we'll be buying one in no time!
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Originally Posted by prostock69 View Post
Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your special moment with us.
Congrats, I bet it feels great winning a new car, especially a Camaro God bless and take care.
Bought my Camaro from Eric Hall(817) 421-7266
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WELCOME AND CONGRATS!!! Jeg's is top notch. I have used them for parts on my 67... being so close, I like dealing local. I am pretty close to Jeg's and Summit!

Anyhow, enjoy that car... we are all jelous!

Originally Posted by sterlingnotes View Post
I wish I had won my Camaro... I've bought so many raffle tickets and entered so many contests... drank so many Dr Peppers... at long last, even though I didn't win one... the car payment is still worth it!

Originally Posted by Bumble_Bee View Post
That's awesome! Just curious, do you have to pay all the taxes on it?
In most states you pay it on your income tax. For example (and this varies by state)... Say the MSRP was $35,000. He does not have to pay sales tax... he didn't buy it. BUT he would need to claim the $35,000 as income on his 2010 federal and state taxes.... So the amount of tax varies. If he makes $200,000 a year, a bump to $235,000 wouldnt change is tax liability as much as if he makes $40,000 a year, now all of a sudden in 2010 he makes $75,000... in the end he will pay about 15-20% in taxes. Not too bad, $5200-$7000 for a new 2SS/RS! If he can't afford or doesnt want to pay it, he can sell it, still pay the taxes and then pocket the profit. If it were me since I don't have a free $7000 lying around, I'd just sell the car to my wife for $15,000, have a small payment, pay the the taxes and use the rest for mods... you'd still be WAY ahead!
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You lucky dog you!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats its a beauty and a proud moment no doubt! Did JEGS add any performance modifications to the new ride? If so what were they...........Thanks Casper
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Fasntastic!!! Your really lucky!!!!
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Man, some guys have ALL the luck!

Congrats to you sir!
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