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GM Sending an "Inspector"...

I snapped the passenger side rear axle at 800 miles a few weeks after i purchased my 2010 camaro 2SS. Completly stock, using launch control. I'v had it repaired twice. The first job wasnt done correctly, the service dept. at my dealer failed to fully inspect the damage and only replaced the axle. The reason i took it back was because of a low frequency vibration coming from the rear of the car. I took it back and was told it was "normal exhaust noise". Well i didnt buy it. So i took it to a different dealer. (the service dept at the first dealer was shut down a week later). The second dealer put it up on a lift and said whoever did the work at the other dealer didnt know what they were doing. the axle was wobbling and the hub bearing was damaged. So they replaced everything again. New hub bearings, new axle (after waiting a week for a non damaged axle to be sent from the warehouse, because he kept recieving damaged axles). So i pick it up, took him a case of beer. Took it for a drive and bam, the noise is still there. So i ask him to go for a ride in a brand spankin new 2SS to see if it made the noise. It did not. So i waited 2 more weeks until i was able to take it in again because the drivetrain specialist was out on vacation. He drove it today and said he heard the noise. Just got a call from the dealer saying GM is sending an inspector on monday. So now they are taking apart the whole rear end for him to look at i presume. Has anybody had experiance with an "inspector" from GM before?
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When I worked at a GM Dealership, I have to work with Inspectors before on warranty issues..

They aren't that bad to deal with, they are bit irritated because this is all they do, constantly fly around to different dealers.

I only have had one inspector say we can't cover this blah blah blah.

usually the inspector is an engineer, and they typically are specialized in the system(s) in question.
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The only Inspector I know was played by Peter Sellers. He was a Boob!
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