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Do you even lift, bro?
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Originally Posted by tangosix View Post
So basically, you know your stock bottom end will fail, but because everyone else is doing it, it's not really something you're terribly concerned with

So if 1.2 billion people jumped off the grand canyon, you would be okay with the fact that you will someday do the same but you aren't too concerned with the idea
Not at ALL what I said. I know what you're saying but not what was meant or implied. I didnt cam my car because everyone else is doing it. My journal thread SPECIFICALLY states; and this thread as well I believe, states that my goal was to reduce boost 1-2lbs from 12lbs peak

Originally Posted by tangosix View Post
Also, beware of parking your car in the ALU AO, the LT's are the worst drivers. I'm a CLC3 Instructor and Internet Troll when bored. I have seen your car at the little gym next to the stadium or was it at Acqua? No clue. Good Look and get your E7 time now
I have no option @ ALU as I'm in SLC currently and parking is pathetic there, I'll take whatever I can find but I look for spots where cars are spread out :P

Originally Posted by KRIS10's $ponsor View Post
I didn't get that from what he was saying at all.
Thanks for the info. I have a tvs also and my goal is 650-700 range, this shows me other options. And thanks for the sound video too.

Very welcome

Originally Posted by SSRS55 View Post
AWESOME!! jealous here ...I'll be getting cam'd in the near future and then from there I would love to eventually put a blower on it, just can't now the wife will destroy me, with good reason though this is my sixth fun car in 2 years ...

Hey good luck with it and happy carving bro!!
Thanks man. Hoping to get some time @ VIR this summer
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