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Oshawa Politician Revved Up Over Mayor’s Camaro

Oshawa politician revved up over mayor’s Camaro

Sep 10, 2010

Carola Vyhnak

Watch out, Your Worship, Louise not only wants your job, she’s gunning for your wheels.

Oshawa councillor Louise Parkes wants to auction off Mayor John Gray’s sizzling orange 2010 Chevy Camaro if she’s elected, saying constituents feel it’s an extravagance the city couldn’t afford.

The $38,000 six-speed vehicle was paid for out of the city’s reserve fund last summer.

“As I go knocking on doors, people keep telling me we cannot remain one of the highest taxed cities in the GTA,” says Parkes. “It’s important that the next mayor set the tone and show restraint.”

The purchase raised ire and eyebrows when Gray took possession after waiting two years for production at General Motors’ new flex plant in Oshawa.

“It’s a fabulous vehicle,” he said at the time. “The looks you get when you drive it, you know you’re getting attention.”

While Parkes doesn’t criticize Gray for supporting the beleaguered car company — Oshawa’s biggest employer — she doesn’t think taxpayers should foot the bill for his chariot of choice.

“They’re saying it’s a sports car that isn’t creating a positive image for the mayor.”

By selling it off to the highest bidder, the city could recoup the cost and replenish the reserve account, she says.

Parkes, who drives an Oshawa-built Buick Regal, has been saving for a new one that will roll off the assembly line early next year. If she becomes mayor, she’ll accept a car allowance to cover the city’s portion of the vehicle’s use. (The current base price on Regals is about $32,000.)

The mayor is the only Oshawa politician to have a vehicle provided by the city. Councillors receive about an allowance of about $5,400 per year for car-related expenses.


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God forbid he support the local workers. As long as he buys it when he leaves office who cares.

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Milk 1027
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She supports local workers too.
I think it's a good idea to have it auctioned off. It looks pretty awesome.
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its a syn
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so is the councillor getting 32,000 allowance for a car? if so she will more than likely jimey-jamey you with bs get the 5,400 for car maintinence for the year and we are now talking $600,which i'm sure the people have ponied 100 times that amount to just get her on the ticket. i don't trust them with #'s and never will!!
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38,000 for a Camaro SS is good price here in Canada. She should shut her piehole.
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Eric's Blue
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Yes, I agree. If this is what Oshawa has become known for, it over any other car should be driven. Just leave it as city property. Symbol of pride.
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Jayhawk USN
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The city won't even notice the difference in funding. This is just someone making a big deal out of nothing. I'd rather see someone ring up a gang or eliminate a wasteful position. This is just stupid.
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Just think if the dude had bought a Mustang....

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This is nothing, and besides, it is a great advertisement to help people see the car so they go out and buy them which in turn supports the city.

Spend money to make money.
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Irreverent Schmoe
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How come we can't get that stripe option for our Camaros ?
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Some of elected officials in Canada must be no smarter than the idiots we elect here in the USA.... This car is the pride of the Oshawa plant!!!!
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Originally Posted by Tigg View Post
How come we can't get that stripe option for our Camaros ?
I want something like that for my car too...
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Originally Posted by baclarsen View Post
Dude, you go through cars faster than I go through underware!!
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Buying your ride with taxpayer money should never happen, doesn't matter the price.

If he showing his sincere admiration for the vehicle & local plant then buy the car yourself. It's affordable plus it looks like the car allowance will keep it running... so even cheaper for him.
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He bought an awesome car. She's using it as political hay.

Mind you, when you're the mayor of a city, you probablu shouldn't use the tax payers money to buy a car like that. Pisses some people off. But it is a local product.

There's pros and cons to it but at the end of the day, he shouldn't of bought it with the taxpayer's money. He should've bought it with his money.
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He's supporting his local economy, and she's a hipocrit, by saying she's waiting for her new Buick, but will take the city's vehicle allowance to help support the expense.

The only reason she's buying a Buick is because it's being made in Oshawa, and it will look good on her since she's running for the mayor's job.

I've always said it, and will continue to say it, without embarrassement, MOST politicians are idiots, and will say and/or do anything to get your vote, then they dissappear for 5 yrs.

Why doesn't she go buy an import, or even better a smart car (stupid car in my opinion), Oshawa doesn't need people like her.

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My 5th

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Notice they had no current comment from the Mayor. his side is not presented at all. Other than the "It's a fabulous vehicle..." quote, which was made when the city purchased the car, they don't have any response from him. The Canadian press is as fair and balanced as ours in the U.S. What's the Canuck equivalent of democrat, labor/Socialist?
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