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Member Car Journals Want to keep a long term Camaro project journal to share with the community? Use this forum to create a single thread which you can update over time to document the progress.

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SoCal Mayhem/Raceteam
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Coe's_Mro & Beez [Updated 7.10.12]

Well, lets start where it ALL began. While in a summer occupational program during High School a few of my classmates had been talking about this movie, "Transformers". they said it was the best movie they had ever seen, and although i never paid much attention to what they were talking about, for some reason it stuck in the back of my head. Months and months later, i FINALLY watched the movie, and thats when i fell in love. I had no idea what it was at first but i knew i wanted it. When i found out it was a Camaro I did some research and was dissapointed to discover it was only a concept.

Then i kept my eye on the internet. When i found out it had been confirmed to production; my heart was set. i told myself, i WILL have that car... One day. Then i found Camaro5. and for months a lurked, i was hesitant to join, but then finally on 07-15-2009 i did. Best. Decision. Ever.

I spent hours on this site, getting ideas, admiring pictures, and dreaming.. planning. i had started with White. i wanted something not so flashy. but, how is that possible with such an amazing car? White with Black rally stipes, Purple outer pin striping.

On Saturday August 15th, 2009 i finally got the chance to cruise out to a meet and see the cars. The first person i met was Guillermo aka Tribone. & i seriously cannot thank all SoCal Camaro5 Family enough, for welcoming me when i didnt even have my car. You guys kept me going strong and if it wasnt for you all i would have probably given up on getting the car a LOOONG time ago

--Fast Forward--
It took forever to save my money. Life has a funny way of tripping you up. i kept saying, two more weeks, one more paycheck. then whenever anyone would ask it just turned into "Soon... very soon."

Then, it was finally time. I had changed my mind over and over about Color. and at this point it was either Yellow/Black and go with the Bumblebee theme, or White with my original plan. Only thing that was a MUST was the sunroof. My dad called me at work and said, "Rotolo has a Yellow one. Go check it out. its everything you want minus RS. Its a previous rental... low mileage. Let me know" That was Friday, March 18, 2011.

So my cousin and i got into my car and drove to Rotolo Chevrolet.

There it was sitting right up front. I parked and walked up to it, looked around it, checked the tires, rims, bumpers front and back, checking for scratches any dings/dents. any flaw at all. i couldnt find one. it was darn near perfect. then i realized the door was unlocked. i opened it up and sat inside. Then i knew it had to be mine. i called my dad and said "I want it." that was that. we signed the papers, i wrote the check and BEE was mine. 2011 Rally Yellow 1LT w/ Sunroof. only had 8k miles. Born on 7.22.10 #11,856 <3
Now, for the pictures.

I have a lot to catch up on here, 5 months worth. so if i miss something, forgive me.
&& here they are:

Before we signed the paperwork: 3.18.11-

Welcome Home Meet & Random Park photoshoot: 3.20.11-


Vinyl additions pt.1: 4.1.11-
Transformers Sill Plates: 4.2.11-
Caliper Paint: 4.10.11-
Sunset Picture, two days before we left for the Fest: 4.12.11-
Random Camaro5Fest II pictures: 4.14-4.16.11 -
Autobot Emblems ~ Trunk and Underhood: 5.2.11-
NLP Spoiler installed: 5.5.11-
Vinyl Additions pt. 2: 6.6.11- Front Fascia & Mirrors (As of 8.16.11 Mirror accents were removed)
AAC Illuminated Bowtie: 5.7.11-
Flowmaster American Thunder AxleBack exhaust: 6.9.11-
Link to video:
His First Birthday: 7.22.11 -
Engine Cover Modification: 8.17.11 -

I have not posted any new mods lately so i gotta catch up here, forgive me please

December photoshoot: 12.3.11 -
I had had a really bad emotional weekend before taking these pictures. My car was my only escape.

Plasti-Dipped Wheels: 1.4.12 -

Lower fascia blackout and Street Scene splitter: 3.21.12 -

So, i took this picture when a RJT 2LT/RS parked behind me in Victoria Gardens...
When i did i had no idea that the driver of that car would soon become one of the most amazing people in my life. We're pretty much inseperable at this point and we have this absolute amazing machine to thank for that

K&N High Flow Performance Air Intake System: 4.26.12 -
"Desert Oasis" theme PhotoShoot: 4.29.12 -
Took my car drag racing at Irwindale
Ran a 10.1 and lost to DataWave by .2

Got my first award at the JDRF Carshow: 6.23.12 -
with "Johnny's Drivers and IECC. So Proud of this!
Here is the pic of the award with my new puppy, Piston

Autobot emblems added: 6.29.12 -

PhotoShoot with TaylorRyanSS and Datawave
at our annual C5 Family BBQ

More Photos of that shoot here:

Newest Modification to date:
Interior dash trim: 7.10.12 -

-CarID interior trim kit in Real Carbon Fiber.
-Black and Yellow Pedals.
My Build Thread Instagram: @Cmro_Coe (:

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SoCal Mayhem/Raceteam
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Drives: 2011 Rally Yellow 1LT
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Posts: 323
My Build Thread Instagram: @Cmro_Coe (:

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That is one lengthy list of mods you got there. The ride is looking really nice and clean!
R1 Concepts Inc
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Wild and Cammed
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LOOKING good whats next on the list?
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Awesome car man. Is you're last name Coe? If so we have the same last name haha.
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2010 SSRS

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Nice, looks really good
Jannetty Racing JRE Street Package
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HT5 COTW 9/3/2012
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Looking good .
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SoCal Mayhem/Raceteam
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Drives: 2011 Rally Yellow 1LT
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Southern☆Cali ((RC))
Posts: 323
got enough down time to pull together all the pictures and update my thread.
i am going to try to stay on this, i promise! Haha!

Originally Posted by Powhusku View Post
Awesome car man. Is you're last name Coe? If so we have the same last name haha.
Haha! Nope, my name is Nicole and for as long as i can remember my family has called me Coe.

Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS View Post
Nice, looks really good
Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Looking good .
Thank you guys!
My Build Thread Instagram: @Cmro_Coe (:
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[COTW- Never!]
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I like the 4.18.12 one
Thank's Coe
glad you weren't an old man or a pedophile when I chose to park behind you.
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