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Old 07-01-2014, 02:57 PM   #1
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Drives: Camaro 2010
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My Bumblebee is official promotional Camaro for Transformers 4 European Premiere!


long time i have not write here...have had alot of work

But i have had and now my Biggest Surprise... I was called from Paramount Pictures for the EUROPA Premiere in Berlin .. My Bumblebee is the Offizial Product Placement Bee for Transformers 4 in Europa

I have had filming Termins for an TV Show .. and Other Things....
An Big Paramount Bumblebee Tour from the South of Germany to the Permiere in Berlin with any Stations where we have give away Cinema Tickets to the Fans Who are on the Road with us.... any Promotion Aktions

In Berlin the Best Thing was , to have my Car on the Red Carpet ... my wife and myself was Spezial VIP Guests and olso on the Red Carpet and can walk free . We have had an Meet and Great with the stars .

The best ..


As Surprise from the Boss of the Paramount Pictures company we cordially invited to the Aftershow Party . There again i had the chance to talk with Michael Bay ... great guy... he remember my from the red carpet. says i have an Great car and that he makes the Movies for Fans like my ...
olso Mark Wahlberg an the rest of the Filming Crew are really Cool guys and the Nicola is an realy nice Girl..

i can belive .... i m sooooo Happy ... Nearly Best weekend of my Life

but here any Pics of my little Tour to Berlin and from The Red Carpet

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Really Really - That is so freaking cool.
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Fear the Red Bow Tie
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WAY TO GO MIRKO!!!! Your hard work and creativity have paid off that I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!!

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Old 07-01-2014, 03:45 PM   #4
Nov 20, 2016
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Drives: 2011 RJT 2LT/RS
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Congrats that is really cool.
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Jus' Cruzin
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Drives: 2011 Camaro 2LT/RS Convertible
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That is SOOOO Cool!! Congrats!!!!!
“The moment you think you know what’s going on in a women’s head, is the moment your goose is well and truly cooked”
-Howard Stark
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2SS Cyber Gray
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Drives: 2010 Camaro 2LT VR/RS CGM Rally's
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Really cool! Glad you had a nice time love your car!
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hot looking camaro

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Muscle Car Lover

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Thanks for posting!!!! This is so wild, awesome!
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Congratulations! I bet that is the biggest honor anyone can recive with for a camaro. Hopefully one day after I build mine I can meet Michael bay. Your living the dream, keep the work and thank you so much for sending me your mirrors! I love them so much! I am about to buy my camaro and then ill start transforming it into the american bee. Thank you for your kindness and motivation in helping bring my dream camaro a reality. Way to go blacky on meeting michale bay and marky mark!!
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Awe no pictures of Nicola Peltz
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Very cool...

Who cares about the Blue Oval crowd and their little Ponys? We're getting our Camaro back-and it'll be Supercharged!-MDAII
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Thanks for sharing this. Great photos. Ich leiben Deutchland!
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That's the most awesome thing that can possibly happen..

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