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Originally Posted by izwar View Post
completely makes sense but i didnt understand the bit on guestimating the invoice price, subtracting the destination price? what is this?. Other then i understand. Im sure by the time the cars are ready in the dealers we will all know pretty accurately what the invoice of the cars will be am i right?
Ehhhh..... Maybe. It may take a few months after release for that info to get out...

If your really worried about that, go to (kelly blue book), and find out what the Camaro's are selling for. then go from there. Honestly, there is no resonable price a dealer will refuse if you push hard enough. But be prepared to walk away, this scares them a little. Dealers are known to call you after you leave, if they really want your buisness.

BTW: By resonable I mean minus (at most) 10,000...
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