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In their, defense...and I'm running right into your sights, i realize...Ford is in Serious Trouble. it's not reported anymore, cause it's "old news", but as much as we might think Gm was in trouble, and is recovering...Ford is in deeper, and isn't recovering as fast...I should hope that they think about Profits (for a while).

Having said that, If I was a Ford follower, instead of a GM supporter...(see what I did there? ), I'd honor the Mustang as much as I could. cause it put Ford from the red, back into the yellow-green area...without the Mustang, I have strong feelings it would be a BIG 1.5 right now...

and look to happier places...spend the same 7k...maybe less, and you could get near 600hp easy at the Flywheel in the Camaro :eek:
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