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Originally Posted by t3chfr3ak View Post
I guess they had to skimp on interior quality to make this car this cheap. I just dont understand why GM is still walking the same line in making cheap cars made cheaply. Haven't they learn from other companies and their own past that this strategy does not work? Exellent quality=new and repeat buyers. Crap quality = one time buyer. Doesnt that just makes sense?
See below.

Originally Posted by Tantalizer43 View Post
Those are the EXACT reasons GM doesnt want people getting in these cars at auto shows YET,

Not production materials....yet!
That's absolutely right.

That interior hasn't been grained. That is; the textures and exact materials aren't in place. It's still pre-production since they're working on things. Don't judge quality by pictures, and DEFINITELY don't judge quality from THESE pictures.

This interior will be on par or better than recent entries in the Chevrolet showroom, like the Malibu and Impala, etc. Don't worry.
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