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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
As far as incentives go, you will never see the MSRP drop once it is established by the manufacture.
Are you talking spontaneously, or from MY to MY?

Originally Posted by thePill View Post
Sales are everything and only second place to profit. GM needs to clean house, limit production temporarily, shorten MY11 and introduce MY12 changes late so nobody holds out. Left over stock will kill them in the long run, Ford sold the 76k Mustangs they produced and made profit. GM will be moving 2010 Camaros until April 2011 at this rate.
The concept of dealer inventory is not new, and the company seems to be making positive steps on that topic.

Also while it's nice on paper to have zero cars left at the end of a model's not practical. You need some overlap to suit the walk-in buyers. 2010 was an extended model year, so it's not surprising to see they've got some left over. Yet they are still selling in a steady pace, without any sort of incentives. Plus, the feature sets of the '10 and '11 MY are almost the same...blending the cars to consumers. So long as they continue to sell a good healthy amount of these cars by the time the '12s are released...they'll be fine. Moreso if they choose to offer MY-end incentives on '11s and '10s.
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