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Originally Posted by SVT_SRT View Post
I just hope they don't lower the horsepower to make it equal with the manual for the qtr mile. The new 5.0 mustang auto seriously destroys the manual.
Originally Posted by 69 Hugger View Post
Nice to have the Auto option, just please don't detune it like they did on the L99 auto's. If GM does go that route, have the option to delet the "Active Fuel Management system" Haven't seen any fuel numbers on the that motor in Cadillac CTS-V, is there a Gas Guzzler tax ?
They won't. I'm 95% sure of it...this car mirrors many of the features of the CTS-V, and it's not detuned. There is a GG tax on the CTS-V. Currently it sits at 14/19 mpg. I think the Camaro team can do something to improve that, though. After all, when introduced, the 3.6L CTS had a 26mpg hwy rating, and Camaro managed 29, and now 30 with the 2LS model. I'm optimistic they can avoid the GG tax to further compete with the GT500...we'll have to see.

Originally Posted by 1981DFA View Post
I guessing that this 55K Camaro you speak of is still just a estimated price tag?!
Yes. No official prices (or performance statistics, for that matter) have been released. A couple more months until we know that...

Originally Posted by Shurenuff View Post
I wonder if the PTM will be standard or available as an option or a part of a "track pack" similar to what the GT500 offers? Any word on this or was it just mentioned that it would be "available".

I'm thinking if it isn't standard (in order to keep the entry level price down) and they do offer this theoretical track pack, the light weight SSX wheels would be a part of the package.
Generally...with things like MRC, and traction control systems, they're standard features. All the engineering and programming that goes into dialing these systems for the Camaro would be wasted if it's not standard.

People thought the SSs FE4 suspension tuning would be optional, but it's standard. I don't think they specified on PTM, though.
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