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Let me add one more to my pile of Good comments, for Fbodfather, and the Camaro crew's pleasure of course:

I'm lovin the inverted Mohawk on the roof. If that was the only body line on the car, it would set it apart from all the other cars on the road. I see 30% of the aggresiveness of the car spouting from that single feature. And I am unbelievably happy that it has been kept up to this stage. Too many cars nowadays, (cough) Mustang, Challenger (cough):p have bland, smooth, roofs.

Oh, and although I loved seeing another pre-production shot (, I mean really loved)...Truth be told, I'm never over-excited when an 'illegal' spy shot is released. That's not cool.

one last thought...Scott, I'm shocked at you! You find it pleasing that even a bad photo of you're car has caused uncontrollable, and most likely fatal bleeding from one of our member's heads? Imagine what the official release photos are going to do to more people!
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