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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post

Exactly. I have noticed the same animosity fairly often also.

I think most of us understand that given enough money and effort one can build a modified vehicle that outperforms a stock factory vehicle. We don't need to be told or reminded of that constantly over and over again, which some people appear to have the need to do repetitively, possibly because they feel the need to justify the money and effort they've spent to others, or maybe because, for one reason or another, they've convinced themselves they don't like the ZL1.

Regardless, some people will want to have "the bitchinest car in the valley" and will modify their vehicles to try to achieve that goal. I think that's great. Others aren't as interested being "number one" or in major modifications, and prefer to keep their factory high performance vehicles close to stock, which is great too. I always enjoy looking at muscle cars from different eras that are as they were when they left the showroom floor, as a document of a bit of Americana of their era.

I'll keep my ZL1 in stock condition. I won't be the fastest out there, but it will fast enough for me, and I'll enjoy many pleasurable sunny hours of driving it.
Agreed Bear, and's all called bragging, smack mouth, bench racing, and trash talk ..., I won't even begin to psychoanalyze it, but I will add that this thread has gotten sooooo far away from the OP's post I am gonna throw the flag....
It's going virale over in this thread., this thread is where the "mine is better than yours" fits in.
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