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Originally Posted by Dave McFly View Post
Dragoneye, i was at the show today, i was disappointed with the missing Bumblebee but was VERY happy with the red 'maro. and the G8 was a pleasant surprise as well. i took picks of the red camaro, the bullitt stang and the G8 and some of the 'firepower' my camera is a old 2.1MP HP so the pics are NOT as good as yours but they are decent as soon as i get the chance i will upload them.

PS, what part of NY are you in?
That's cool! Was there a lot of folks there? I always sorta wondered what the turnout was like on the last day of an auto show.

I'm from the West Seneca, not too far away.

Thanks guys! Maybe I'll post some more pics up later on...or finish up my photoshop list....hmmm: what to do?
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