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Originally Posted by VAbdul View Post
I want to see this on TV

I see they've replaced the black & white mule with a black car off the line (maybe).

Originally Posted by stymie View Post
TIRES @ 40psi? (beginning of video... tire gauge)

IIRC, the manual states 32 F/R; I was figuring at least 35 F/R!
Yeah, I know they show a "comfort" setting in manuals with the option to go higher depending on the situation, but 40psi?

Slightly OT... while I've seen the Aaron Link Nurburgring video a zillion times, I've heard that the time of 7:41:27 was set with an automatic while the video clearly shows a manual. What's the real story?
Flip through the pictures, and you'll find the 'Ring prototype was a manual transmission.

And max inflation on the F1 G:2s are 51psi...
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