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Originally Posted by Tob View Post
Wait. Was proper break-in followed?

Originally Posted by 2ndCamaro79 View Post
That was sweet, but if your going to mod a ZL1 to go fast straight, would your money be better spent on a SS?

Originally Posted by Graham Behan View Post
Yes its now broken in
Damn straight!
Originally Posted by 2ndCamaro79 View Post
If getting power is that easy why did GM, just not do these things from the start?? Or why don't the 2013s come with a pully change and better cold air unit so you don't have to loose the warranty on a 60K car??
Originally Posted by adamgl View Post
Baseline time would have been nice.

Originally Posted by Pgoldston View Post
As well so many people keep pointing out that their ss will keep up for less, thats great but would it be able to keep up on the road course as well. Normally everything is a compromise from one to the other. the ZL1 is starting to show that it will be able to hang pretty good at both tracks with a little work and not upsetting the cars suspension or much of anything else.

Also people talk about the warranty, everything I have seen on this car can be switched back to stock pretty easy unless GM is actually watching how many times the tune is changed. I had heard rumors of this but never got anything solid on it.
They can see if the tune has been flashed.
Originally Posted by 69 Rebel View Post
Throwing 30k in a SS will not get you in the 9's for sure not in the 8's
It could be done.

Originally Posted by peteypab2133 View Post
track conditions were not complained about in the original post, so why defend an issue that doesnt exist? There is no such thing as "perfect" track conditions. If its cold, you cannot hook up and get less heat soak. If its hot you hook up but lose power. Numbers will gravitate towards the middle of those two conditions.

Seat time, assuming its an automatic makes no difference. Are we talking about reaction time's getting better?? As far as I am concerned its as simple as pushing down the far right pedal and letting the ECU shift for you.

So name 2 more please.
You need to make it out to the track more often.
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