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Radius Rod Inserts

Installed Padders HD Radius Rod Inserts today. I chose the RR inserts over full bushing replacement purely for the easier install. And while there are different opinions on this the benefit of the inserts it is in the same league and the full bushing replacement. I have not tried both and I am not a serious road/autocross tracker so I cannot comment on the difference. I do know you can feel a difference with the inserts.

Great thread on this install by Caverman here:

I too had a race scoop. This was removed to make enough room for the RR bolts. Removing and reinstalling the scoop was the most time consuming part of the task.

A few additions to Cavermans RR insert install. The Pedders instructions asks you to put the car on jack-stands. I took a shortcut and just used ramps. Easy.

Also I recommend lightly greasing the outside of the inserts before reinstalling the front of the rods. On my first one (Left) I had to use my hydraulic jack to push up the wider bushing package. On the right side I tried the grease and it slipped into the rail like butter.

My RR bolts were easy to get off I only had one 21 MM socket so I had to improvise. You have to play around a bit to get a good angle to start loosening the nuts. Those with a complete set of 1/2 inch socket tools will have no problem.

Then I took a short country drive to evaluate the change. I did notice the tighter steering. The movement of the steering wheel now has a more immediate affect on the wheels and the direction of the car. The steering has about the same feel other wise. I felt no difference in braking as reported in other threads.

I have seen elsewhere also that the HD RR inserts make the biggest difference when running hard at the track. Hopefully I will experience this myself.

I am also looking for more lively steering. This may have to wait until I buy lighter wheels, better tires, and get a handling friendly wheel alignment. Every time I pull a wheel off this car I am reminded of the boat anchor stock setup.

So even though there may not be a huge street advantage to this mod I recommend it. It is so easy, cheap and give a noticeable result.
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