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Times are changing. If you expected to never see a 4banger Camaro again, you were fooling yourself, frankly.

I stress to you: Do not underestimate this car simply because it will include a 4 cyllinder engine in it's lineup.

The V6, and the V8 will MORE than meet the needs of everyone here. And they will be prices close the the stang's version of such models. so a 300hp V6 for ~22-23k. Are you really gonna complain about that? Really? Why worry about a 4 cyllinder edition that you wouldn't buy anyways?

The inclusion of an I4 does NOT diminish the car's muscle/pony/sports car status. If anything, it enhances it. No, hear me out: What other sports car (of the three) could appeal to those who want a 4? None. This is a step up on the competition as much as it is a step down in some of your minds. It will assist the Camaro's sales, so that you and I can have our V8's.

There is much more to be gained by this revelation that not.

Please, don't worry. This is one of those times where you are really tested in your ability to keep the faith. From all the way up to Rick Wagoner, people in GM are as excited as us about this car. They WILL NOT fail us.
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