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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
The 1LE on the ring is tough because the car is gear limited, no? I think it would loose many seconds due to that. However, seeing how a M3 CSL and STi are in the 7:50s I would at least give it that.
Post your poll guess :P The Ring is appx 3X longer than VIR GC but there are so many differences it IS hard to guess based on the VIR time......but it just shows what the 1LE is capable of.

I'm guessing that after almost 13 miles of the ring......the 1LE should be able to cut about 22-24 seconds from the 2010 time. I'm calling 7:58 or less(which is about 17 seconds behind the ZL1 time. Might be a little bit of a leap but I'm hopeful.
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