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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
I am kind of glad GM didn't run the 1LE at the ring because let's be honest, we would not be paying $3,500 for this package if they spent the funds to take it over there, develop it, modify it etc. The car would've been very fast there and faster than many $100k+ cars, the marketing guys would've been all over this and increased the price.

Again, the only open question I have is the top speed on the 1LE considering that the ring has many fast sections. Maybe the SS did 8:20 due to the fact that it was just bouncing around 150...... is there a video of the SS running at the ring?
not yet, no vid :( We are talking AFTER the fact now that they have published the price and they can ship one there, OR use a customer car on the ring as often happens for track times.

Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Can't find the SS video. They must have just published the times.
Yeah, the end of the contender vid says "watch our other vids for results of each car" (paraphrasing) but they are nowhere. FAIL
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