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Originally Posted by 91t/a View Post
great post and i was wondering the same thing, im 6'5" and its a tad tight in my thrid gen now, but its ok, so as long as there is equal amount of room as in the last few gens...we should be fine...?
Due to the multiple demands on height issues.. heres what i posted over on in response to how roomy the car is..

To me it looked roomier than a mustang, but I think that was mostly because the center console was lower. In a mustang the console is basically at elbow height when sitting in it, in the camaro it looked like the console only just came above the seat bolster.

The gift shop lady said some of the taller men complained about hitting their head on the a pillar when entering/exiting but I don't really sea that happening unless your almost 7ft tall. Come to think of it.. I didn't see any "oh $hit" handles on the pillars, so at this point I would say egress and entrance should be about the same as the mustang.

Another point of note, I remember one of the other saying "oh look bluetooth" and pointing at the buttons on the steering wheel. So add that to the confirmed list. Also the rear deck had what looked to be like 2 6X9 speakers in it. And the rear seats where not in any of the ones we saw so its hard to judge back seat room.

Still getting over not only seeing but touching the pre-prod... Ask away for questions and I will rack my brain for what I saw.
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