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Cool BigBlock69RS's 2013 1LE AGM Build thread AKA "Grey Ghost"

I know I just joined and just got my 2013 SS2/RS 1LE with NPP and Nav, but I can't resist making many of the great changes I have seen suggested on C5.

Intro Thread:

Picking up car:


Decided first thing to do was pull the NPP fuse pull, followed the directions here:

Straightforward and pretty easy. Just had one plastic fastener in the trunk on top passenger side that wouldn't let go, kind of got mangled but now it comes out and back in reasonably.

Exhaust note definitely sounds better, now the car sounds like a v8 even when you aren't on it. Doesn't seem too loud, just right, least for me.

2nd on the list, blacken out the rear tail light bezels:

I found these threads very helpful:

I ended up breaking off one tab, I swear I didn't push down very hard must have been a weak one. Fortunately the bezel still holds down good and no others were broken. So be careful and gentle.

My order of operations:
  1. Wet sanded with 400 grit emery cloth to give the paint some bite.
  2. Then taped off all the tabs with blue painters tape.
  3. Rust-oleam universal primer, put down 2 light coats all over
  4. Medium Final Primer coat just on the visible areas. 10minutes between coats
  5. Was going to wet sand again but so far result were very smooth so skipped sanding, let dry for an hour
  6. Applied 2 light coats of Rust-oleam universal Flat black, 1 hour between coats, coverage was very good didn't need a 3rd. Again paint laid down very nice didn't need sanding, let dry for an hour
  7. Applied 2 lights coats (30 minutes between coats) Rust-oleam Painters Touch matte clear. Let dry for an hour.
  8. Threw in the oven at 190* for 20 minutes then turned off oven and let come down to room temp over an hour.
  9. Let dry overnight.
  10. Installed.
Paint I used:

Since it was specifically for plastic didn't use an adhesion promoter just primer.


It has a bit of texture (hard to tell in the pics) not too much but just right imho.

On the car (excuse the rain):

I like it much better, be so nice once my emblem blackouts arrive this week.

So much for detailing the exterior this weekend (weather isn't cooperating plus neighbor cutting trees spewing stuff all over), but least I got the bezels done and the exhaust is much better.

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