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Originally Posted by Dinosoar View Post
I am a hardcore track car guy, and I've loved my Mustangs for a long time now. I've also somewhat prided myself on being a track enthusiast and not a Mustang enthusiast; four wheels and an engine, baby !!! So, when Chevy introduced the 2013 1LE Camaro, I have to admit, it is awesome and puts Mustangs to shame (although we have to wait for the IRS-equipped 2015 Mustang ). Nevertheless, I dig this new 1LE Camaro and I think I'm gonna make the big switch from Ford to Chevy...Mustang to Camaro! In the end, the 1LE Camaro is the better car,...clearly! I have two questions. It seems there's not a ton of head room in the Camaro; this is a problem for wearing a helmet at the track. Any tall drivers out there have problems with a helmet at the track? Two, are the ZL1's front brakes available from Chevy?
Ha!! Sounds good!! We like converts...

With the seat full on the floor, and the seat back reclined some so the head-rest doesn't bump into the helmet's back...I have plenty of room, and I'm 6'0"...Dunno how tall you are. If you want to race even just a few times I'll definitely recommend AGAINST a sunroof...takes up valuable head room for helmets...

The ZL1 brake parts aren't offered (I think) as a performance package from Chevy racing...but there are vendors on this site that can look up part numbers and place orders for everything you'd need to duplicate the 6-piston Brembo system.
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