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Originally Posted by bigd1276 View Post
2014 SS refresh.

Points of interest...

- The rear diffuser is now functional
- The mufflers are painted black so as not to stand out as much
- The hood vent is slightly different from the Z/28 - but still very functional.
- The Red car features what is the new RS package...including new halo headlights that are brighter (multiple LEDs...but no "christmas tree" effect), LED tail lights, and the Chrome detail around the upper grill.

*** The new hood vent is located in a character line that is perfectly matched with the "reverse mohawk" on the hood.

*** The wheels on this car are 21" accessory wheels

*** The rear deck lid (trunk) now features an integrated spoiler that is stamped into the sheetmetal...similar to what Buick does with the Regal. This is for Camaros without spoilers.

It's starting to grow on me. It certainly seems like someone at Chevy was listening and are addressing many of the enthusiast concerns/complaints.

I went into that show nervous about what I was going to see...I left, trying to figure out how much $$ it was going to cost to replace the rear fascia and lights.

Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Thanks for the pics. I thought I was dead set on the non RS lights but now I'm not so sure. my 1LE is getting more expensive by the day. With the new heat extractor hood and rear diffuser on the SS being functional does the SS produce down force or just less lift compared to the 2013? Wouldn't that negatively impact MPGs even just a little?
The halo rings are offset from one another, now...the inboard "arc" is forward more than the outboard adds a 3D appearance to the whole headlight assembly. And obviously, the halo rings are cripser/brighter.

Those LED rear lamps look killer in person...they still have that 'glow' the original tail lights have...but it's more modern-looking.

Originally Posted by menendez1293 View Post
Awesome pictures. I love how they painted the stock exhaust cams black so they aren't noticeable anymore.
Me, too! That was one of the first things that took me by surprise!
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