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Originally Posted by Camss57 View Post
Any info on the 2014 1LE?
Besides it existing? No. I don't think anything has changed in terms of components of the 1LE package.

Originally Posted by Eich View Post
I certainly appreciate the front end changes for both their visual impact/disctinction AND function.

It's the rear I can't get my head around. I think I get the concept of what they were trying to accomplish but the license plate area now looks a generation older than it was. Half bumper, half diffuser, two-tone (for non-black cars) and a square-ish, deep inset. The license plate area of the pre-2014 was near perfection. A shame it was changed at all.
That's the one and only part of the refresh I'm not happy with, myself...I tend to agree it looks less "modern" than the original swept-in license place area.

However...the "blockiness" does contribute to the overall muscular look of the new back end when you stand back and stare for a moment. So even though I don't like works...
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