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Do you even lift, bro?
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Originally Posted by L99CAMA2011 View Post
Very hard to believe but hey you have the paperwork. With blower this thing should weigh close to 4000lbs. I will weigh my 2012 SS as well and if possible I will also add Mr. blower under the hood. I am very thirsty for a blower. Add pedders or Pfadts featherlight coilovers and take off like another 20 lbs.

Originally Posted by L99CAMA2011 View Post
Headers actually take off weight off the front end.

Originally Posted by LowLife View Post
I don't remember my exact b4 number I think it was 3885? I know the after number. With all my suspension work was 3878 and that was right under a 1/2 a tank. I also have a 2ss rs with every option and a sunroof in the car :(
Thought for sure I'd have added 50-75lbs with the blower and the AI chiller kit EASILY. Fully loaded blown 2SS with the chiller kit for 3815lbs...I'll take it!
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